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So many people  ask the question “how can I stand out?” You want to stand out in a crowd, in an interview, in a group of friends, in your company, in business, in a picture even on social media. You want to be noticed from the loud masses and heard above the roar of everyday nonsense. You want people to look not only to you, but for you. You want to be the account or brand that people search for and follow and ask advice from. For many people, they want to be noticed, be pointed out for achieving something or looking better than the rest. For others, it is just that one person they want to notice them for whatever reason. But whichever group you fall into(wallflower or attention-seeker) there are 5 tricks that will always get you noticed on any platform, in anyway by any one.
  1. BE BOLD – Not loud:
download Always be courageous and brave even when you do not feel like it. Notice I said be bold,not loud.  Loud may get you fame, which we all know lasts 15 seconds, but if you want to actually stand out and be heard then you go for bold. Loud is noise, people will remember it because of the shock value, but only for a minute. For example: the girl who wore lingerie as a dress to prom or the advert with all those guys shouting. You might think about it when bored, you’ll even tweet about it for 0.5 seconds but in a few weeks we will be on to the next shocking thing. The companies that have successful ad campaigns are those that have slogans that are bold yet quiet. Bold has a way of rising above everyday noise. Like the black student from a crime-filled area with an absentee dad who against all odds, got 5 scholarships to Ivy league schools will always find a way to your timeline, ahead of the naked girl and the guy who loves insulting people. They are memorable because they pointed out something that needs to be addressed or called out a certain trend or beat a certain odd but they did not enter a shouting march with the competitors or get into a tweet war with another girl. Remember bold is not scandalous; scandal lasts for 15 seconds of fame and the next one takes over. Bold is making a statement, it is building a reputation as one not afraid to take risks. People turn to scandal for brief entertainment and gossip but they will not be drawn to it as a brand. 2. BE UNIQUE – Be yourself: download (1) You have to be unique and not by trying to be but by embracing yourself. You just have to look outside to realize everything and everyone is made differently. Even things that look seemingly alike at first glance tend to have more differences once one pays attention. Similarly, we were never made to look the same, act the same or think the same. Yes they are some destructive habits and trends that people claim in the name of ‘individuality’ but being unique is a positive thing. There is no right way of doing something, there is no right style, right hair, right skin or right body. There is also not perfect one. Each person is made as is, wit flaws and all ad we all bring something t the table and thus have a buffet called life. So if you want to stand out I suggest you first learn yourself then embrace yourself, love yourself then spread that out. People are drawn to different and new things. 3. BE HONEST – especially when it is easier to lie: download Your lies shall find you out. If you want to stand out, you have to be honest, always. All you have to do is check the internet trends to realize we are all caught in our lies, even if we said them years ago. From the #BowWowchallenge to the pictures of celebs before plastic surgery , lies come out eventually and then you have so much explaining to do, you lose authenticity and followers. The best brands are built on truth. If you want someone to notice you or to be picked from a group of interviewees then you have to be honest. In a culture that is so engrossed on social media lives that we lose sight of the real one, we sometimes tend to forget that honesty is the best policy. If you want your job to last, your business to always grow and not get sued, or the relationship to last,then you have to invest in honesty. Tell the truth from the word go and there will be no need to worry every time you are called to your bosses office, or when your partner meets your friends/relatives, or when the teacher goes through your social media. 4. BE PRESENT – Participate in life: images You cannot make an impact when taking the back burner on issues. And making an impact is the best way to get noticed. Whether it is engaging on pressing social issues like #blacklivesmatter or it is participating in a local food drive, you get noticed when you are out there. You don’t have to be extroverted or even necessarily go out of your way, just pick on something that interests you and connect with it in a way that you are comfortable with. You can write on a pressing topic, take pictures of certain trends, take videos of crises, join a campaign on political issues, educate others in class about something and so many other things. Find something you are passionate about and do it. Life happens and you should be there when it does, that way you build a name/brand. 5. BE CONSISTENT – Take a stand: download (2) We all know of someone who goes wherever the wind blows. Today they support natural bodies and tomorrow they say plastic surgery is good, this week they campaign for life and next week they believe babies are a choice. You cannot stand out for being a yo-yo. You will be noticed yes, but no one will want you or your brand in their camp. You cannot say you support natural hair then start blogging about/ marketing weaves and relaxing products. Pick a side and stick to it. This is n ot to say that you cannot change your mind once you are more informed, but admit to changing your mind and give reasons as to why. Do not pretend to have always supported one thing when people can remember you backed another. People do not gravitate to those who make them feel stupid, so do not take them for a fool. You want to be the go-to guy or the last point of reference or your boss to promote you or your crush to realize that you are passionate about something, then find that thing and stick to it. Read, educate yourself, examine your values and set a standard for yourself/ company. You cannot be a chameleon, changing color as the trends and seasons change, decide you believe in something, study on it, promote it in season and out of season and you will get a following that actually sticks to you. People who do not have a stand are never trusted, they are never leaders, they are crowd-pleasers.

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