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It is sad that so many of us do not live, we exist. It’s true. We do what was pre-planned for us by ‘society’ and parents and teachers, we attend seminars on how to do things in our lives and instead of picking and choosing what applies to us, we copy and paste to make our lives like that of someone else. And there are so many times we say tomorrow, in an hour, next year or laugh off a possibility and say in another life. We save, diet,take terrible jobs, workout like maniacs, take terrible tasting food in the name of the future and bettering ourselves. Now I am not saying that it is bad to plan for the future but don’t get obsessive. We have lost the balance, because on the other hand we have the other spectrum of guys who claim to be living in the now but are really just ensuring a slow and painful death in the end. They are enjoying the moment, living life to the fullest and ya da and #yolo and all that jazz but their version of living in the now includes reckless driving, drugs, sleeping around and changing relationships more often than Kylie changes her wigs. That isn’t living, that is avoiding life. Really, most of these things are done in an effort to flee demons and responsibilities and to prove a point.
4 major keys to living life
And it’s not just that, so many of us are just going through the motions. We lack passion, excitement or drive. We do things because we’ve always done them, are supposed to do them, or are hoping that in doing them we will get time to do what we actually want to do. I am a firm believer in the life is short mantra; this life, on this earth, is extremely short especially in view of the next life being forever. The talents, gifts, inspirations, drives and people of this life are only here for a moment then they are gone. And that was the thought that drove me to write this blog post. So how can you really live? How can you embrace this moment and still secure a future without going to any extreme?  So I have been taking this journey myself, learning about true joy and about what it really means to be alive. I’m not there yet but let me share the 4 major keys I have learned to living right now.

1. Trust the journey.

Trust the journey of your life.
The journey…it’s hard to trust it because when we humans go on trips, 99% of the time we have a destination in mind. We plan every detail and we even plan for a disruption in our plans. This is great when your goal is the destination and not the journey because then you are going somewhere for a specific reason, for a specific time. But life is not a vacation or a business trip, life is more like a road trip. You are here to enjoy the view, take the sites and make some pit stops to rest, feed your soul and rejuvenate. It’s not about the destination, because the destination is death and you can’t come back from it, but it’s more about taking the time to take in all you can and learn all you can. Especially as a christian, you have everlasting life and so why worry? with God as the driver, you can sit back and just live. Stop trying to read maps and take shortcuts and take the road that someone else took.
Life is a road trip. The kind you take when you have no destination in mind but just want to take in the road, the views and learn all you can.

2. Live for the now:

Live for the now
We keep saying that we’ll do this at 30, 40 or whatever. We are assuming we have that long. Is it bad to hope? no but it is bad to live your life for tomorrow and to keep on doing things with the thought that you are buying yourself more time to do what you love later. So you’ve found your passion and your path and you are creating it but instead of enjoying the views you are so busy trying to see ahead. Right now, there is only right now. However much we’d love to think otherwise, tomorrow is not guaranteed. This should not leave you in a feeding frenzy like a person who has been on a diet for months and is finally tasting cake again. It should make you realize that you have all you need,you are exactly where you are supposed to be for right now – Unless of course you are not on your own path then you have to stop and find your way back to your own path from where you detoured into someone else’s. The now has gotten a bad name to mean drugs, sex and scandal and yet the now is one of the greatest places to be. Now is a place of grace, it’s a time of favour.
Now is the oldest you’ve ever been, the wisest you’ve ever been. Now is the only time you have full control of where you are and can fully decide on what to do. Now is your greatest possession and greatest weapon. This day, this hour, this minute, this second, this moment is the now.
so embrace the now, live in it and make the most of it. Do what you really love, put your best foot forward, learn what you really want to learn and be with who you really want to be with. This moment cannot be taken away and it will not come back to you so take it and run with it.


Start on your goals right now..
I just wrote a short post on this today. You know that goal you have,that place you would really love to go to? You know that deep desire you have? Start. The bible says ‘delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.’ And yet another Psalm says that ‘My heart will delight in you.’ This basically means that our desires will be God’s desires because we are a new creation and now have the mind of Christ. So those desires you have are not yours, they are God’s and that is His way of letting you know His will for your life and guiding you in creating your path. So start, just start. Take that step of faith and go. Launch into the deep. Failing is fine because it means you tried, but not having started, that is the worst. Fear is not your potion for we have a spirit of love, power and  of a sound mind so start. As I said, trust the journey but for the journey to actually be there, you have to start.

4. In the end, it doesn’t even matter:

In the end, it’s all meaningless.
That may be a lyric but it rings true. At the end of your life, at the end of time, when we all stand before God, it won’t matter. It won’t matter that you didn’t eat carbs,gluten or meat. It won’t matter if you were a lawyer, teacher or a wanderer. It won’t matter that you got married at 18 or at 65. It won’t matter that you did one course or a masters or did five. It won’t matter if you even went to college or you only used organic products or you worked out 10 times a week. You know what will matter? your heart and soul. Did you give your soul to God and then where was your heart in all these things? What motives did you have? Did you live in love and peace and manifest all the other fruits of the spirit or did you live to look good in front of others? Were you truly giving or did you do it all for yourself? Were you a hypocrite or did you walk the talk? What did you do with your talents, gifts and desires? Did you use them for others and for God? did you use them at all? Did you take them and make them evil? It’s gonna be all about your soul. So as you try to get a degree, or decide whether or not you get married or acquire millions and millions in money and followers, be sure your soul is all right. Because in the end, this world will fade, your life will end and a new world will begin. It’s up to you where you will be when that happens.
Your life is just like a blade of grass
But in closing, living for your parents, friends, celebs, spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend is not living. Doing things to prove others wrong or to spite them will get you no where and doing things because ‘society’ expects them will not get you happiness.
In short: Do not let the planning for tomorrow take over the living in the now. Do not let the guilt of the past overtake the hope for life. Do not let the zeal of the day kill your everlasting life.
Xoxo, Kenah.

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