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Anxiety. It seems like everyone has it. It’s always “You know I’m an anxious person” or “I suffer from anxiety a lot.” And for some people it’s just a fancy word that they like to use but for some it is a daily struggle,it’s a war. Yet for others, it is more like an attack. Now if you have had an anxiety attack you know it is terrifying and overwhelming and you get panicky(panicky? is that a word?) and all that. And yet there are times the anxiety sneaks up on you slowly and starts suffocating you and then brings his friend depression who finishes you off and by the time you realize that you were under attack you are six feet under,covered by pain,guilt,anger,sadness,despair,hopelessness and lacking the energy to lift yourself up.
Doubt lures you, worry catches you and ties you up, anxiety holds you prisoner while depression whips you till you can’t fight anymore.
In this day especially it is so easy for anxiety to sneak up on us. You wake up, read your bible and pray even have a mini worship session in the shower,heck, you even work out and your day starts on a high or maybe it starts out just ok. You try to think and talk positive, you embrace happiness and remind yourself that it is your choice and in your power to stay happy. You forget that you can’t do it on your own,you make God small in your eyes. It starts slowly; you hear that unemployment is rising, you hear that the sector you want to start a business in is over saturated, you hear that everyone failed that test, you see people dying from floods,fires and landslides, you hear rumors of an impending nuclear war, you hear that there is a food shortage and the earth is overheating. You don’t even realize you are beginning to panic,to doubt until you hear yourself say “It doesn’t matter, what happens happens” or “At least I have savings/I read/my parents are willing to support me.” But the easiest way for anxiety to attack is just a seed of doubt “Why do you want to get married if it feels like a prison and you’re going to divorce anyway?” “Why are you hoping for (insert prayer request) when there are people who are starving/dying in the world?” “Why would God bless you and yet you did (insert sin)?” Or even simpler, you get impatient; you decide to manipulate a situation or to ‘help yourself’ and start having contingency plans for if God doesn’t answer then at least I have this. So what do you do when all these is going on around you or in your head? How do you cure anxiety?
Cast your burdens unto Jesus and let His peace wash over you.
  1. Cast your burdens:

In 1 Peter 5 from verse 7,Peter talks about how our enemy the devil prowls like a lion looking for someone to devour and sometimes we take that to mean He will cause us to be in an accident or our loved ones to die or for us to fail exams but the devil doesn’t have that much time, all He does is plant the seed of doubt and then He goes. He makes you question God and not on a topic you never think of but on something that really worries you or you care about; your grades, your health, your marriage, your finances, your home etc. Peter urges us do one thing first;cast your burdens. This is the same thing Jesus said in Mathew 11:28 that we should come to Him if we are labored,if we are worrying and He will give us rest. Worrying gives us Anxiety and anxiety breeds depression so cast that worry away, cast your anxieties on Him and He will bear them for you. You were not meant to shoulder all that weight so let it go, throw it away. It’s really that easy just let it go. Many people will think you are being irresponsible or not planning for your future or you don’t care about the environment but really you are leaving it to the one who made all things and knows all things,even the end of time.
Psalm 46:10
Be still and know that He is God

       2.Be still:

The Psalmist in Psalm 46:10 tells us to be still and know He is God. Jesus calmed the storms by saying “peace, be still.” Being still does not come naturally for us as humans especially when you are anxious and troubled. We pace, we jog, we scream, we rant, we wallow; we have to do something. Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing. Take a deep breathe and do nothing. Is school stressing you?maybe skip a day. Is your job giving you ulcers?take leave. Is it the news cycle that keeps you in fear and worry?turn it off. Be still, especially when you are worrying about something that requires waiting; grades,marriage,job,birth of your child, a text back. Be still. Don’t get impatient when things get tangled up and blow a fuse. You will start yanking on one particular thread trying to get it undone and you will just tangle it up more. Breathe, step back and wait on the Lord; Be strong and take courage and wait. It is not weak to wait, to take a beat to compose yourself or for your mental health. Even when you are praying, keep quiet at some point and just listen.
In the stillness God will move and His will will prevail, in the quiet you will hear Him.
Even as the storm rages around you, you need to stand firm in faith. Plant yourself in the word of God and you will withstand the force of the waves of anxiety and worry.

          3.Stand firm in faith:

After all these, to stand. anxiety comes from worry which comes from doubt, which is a lack of faith. In Hebrews 11 we are told that Faith is the confidence in things hoped for and certainty in the things we do not see. Anxiety comes when we are not confident in our hopes and dreams and are not certain that God will deliver what He said He would. We start to rely on human wisdom, we become ‘realists’ and not ‘optimists’ or ‘romantics’. We start to believe only that which we see and is supported by facts. But that is not how faith works, that is not how dreams work and that is not how a christian should operate. You see, after you cast your burdens and stand still then you have to have faith that the God you have called on and cast your burdens too will respond and not only that, but He will work everything for your good and He will restore you,uplift you,guide you even in the storm. You have to stand firm in that faith. Do not cower and run from your problems, or even say you don’t care because that is not faith. For something to be done (Hebrews 11:6) by God you have to BELIEVE that He exists and that He rewards those who diligently seek Him.
Keep your light shining, keep your head up and keep fighting. The best but hardest way to deal with anxiety is to ensure you never give in to fear.

    4.Keep on keeping on:

Don’t stop,don’t give up. Anxiety has a way of paralyzing someone, you exist but you do not live like Social anxiety makes you hate social gatherings and interacting with people and yet some of them are the key to your blessing. When your anxiety comes from seemingly unanswered prayer and impossible situations, we tend to give up and just stop trying. We stop hitting the gym or studying or sending out resumes or writing our business proposals, or asking the person on a date or praying for someone or hoping for the best. Doubt lures you, worry catches you and ties you up, anxiety holds you prisoner while depression whips you till you can’t fight anymore. In Mathew 6:25-33 Jesus talks about worry and He reminds us that our anxiety about tomorrow and the things on this world are in vain because even when we worry, we do not add an inch to our height or an hour to our life. We gain nothing by worrying. He instead tells us to ask,seek and knock and we will get what we desire, as long as we seek the Kingdom of God first. So seek God, delve into His word and surround yourself with it so that your faith may be renewed so that you may gain wisdom and so that you may gain peace. God’s word is the key to your power and you can use it to fight anxiety by quoting scripture and also uplifting yourself by reminding your mind the promises of God even when it doesn’t look possible. Then keep on asking,seeking and knocking. Keep working hard, keep praying, keep believing. Just keep on,do not let fear win. I hope this post helps all those who are struggling right now with anxiety and worry. I hope you realize you have nothing to fear; you are not alone and God knows. Try turning the above into a daily practice and start seeing a drastic change in your life. In other news, I’m going to try to start posting everyday and if not every two days so yeah, if you have any questions or suggestions comment below and I will tackle them. I may post some more of my poetry and maybe even start posting my fiction??? so yeah, keep checking.  If you haven’t already,please subscribe and if you liked the post,comment,share and click in that like button. Comment below what things are making you anxious so I can keep you in my prayers. Much love and blessings to you all. Shalom,Kenah  

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