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I know I left you hanging last week because I’m really nice and didn’t want to write a really long post that would drive you insane but I did promise to post this list this week and I don’t tease. I hope you got yourself at least a book from last week’s list or got it for someone in your life to get their heart pumping and their soul searching for Christ. So, without further blabber, in continuation from last week’s here is the rest of the list.

6. NCIS – Mel Odom

Mel Odom is a highly awarded and famed author and his work lives up to the hype. He is actually a forensic investigation lecturer teaching on crime-scene investigation, profiling and cold-case investigation so you know he knows his stuff. He is a master at writing thrilling, suspenseful and action packed novels and the NCIS series is not an exception. An NCIS agent is found dead, a US marine who has ties to South Korean black markets is assassinated and Columbia cocaine is discovered in Moscow, Russia. Follow the National Criminal Investigative Service led by Will Coburn as they try to solve these cases that lead to a chilling discovery; the stage has been set for world destruction. With just a bit of super personal details and more thrill and action than feelings, this series is perfect for those times that you just want to get your heart pumping. There are 3 books – Paid in Blood, Blood Lines and Blood Evidence – each with its own unique but equally enthrallin story line. It’s engaging, it’s shocking, it’s real and it’s the perfect length. Buy it for your dad and your uncle and your boyfriend who claims he can’t read books. I mean it, you won’t regret it.

7. Political thriller – Joel C Rosemburg

Now this review would be a review just on its own if I didn’t feel like revealing too much would spoil it but my, my my! this guys can have you at the edge of your bed. I mean talk about action sequence, suspense and the thrill of the chase, mix in politics and the end time and you’ve got yourself a best-seller. You’ve probably heard of ‘The Last Jihad’ or ‘ The Ezekiel Option’ but did you know they are part of a 5 book series? Including ‘ The Copper Scroll’ ,’ The last Days’ and ‘Dead Heat’ and you will want to buy them all…fast and first because you don’t want to start on ‘The Last Jihad’ then wait 3 months to go into ‘the Last days’, it will kill you. The suspense, the drama, the faith and the end of days. I can’t even tell you anything but that your very core will be shaken to it’s core. (Is that a thing? ) Follow Jon Bennett and Erin McCoy as they go on the most testing, trying and thrilling adventure of their lives and hope they make it.

8. O’Malley Series – Dee Henderson

This series is great for a couple of reasons: it gives you career ideas, it reminds you what family is about and it shows you the power of God’s love in action. Follow the O’Malleys, 7 siblings by choice,not blood, as they tackle their crazy careers, delve into their hurtful pasts and discover faith,grace and the depth of God’s love. I mean a hostage negotiator, a US Marshall, a Firefighter, a forensic pathologist and a pediatrician to name but a few. One of the brothers even has 3 career through the series. There’s even a prequel because everyone wanted to know where the story started. So 6 books(co one of the siblings doesn’t get a book for reasons revealed in the books) and a prequel, need I say more? You will be occupied for at least 2 weeks. This series is great if you ever want to mix family with your action packed thriller and for one of them definitely get your tissue because you will bowl like a baby.

9. Chapter 16 series – Jake Thoene

You want guns, bombs, national security and terrorists? this series is for you. You get detail, like the detail that you miss when you watch whatever FBI show you are watching. After a vicious attack in San Francisco, the FBI forms a new domestic counter-terrorism unit, Chapter 16 and thus begin their adventures. Follow Special Agent Steve Alstead as he races to save his life, his family and his country and you will definitely want to hold onto something with deep roots. ‘Shaiton’s Fire’, ‘Firefly Blue’ and ‘Fuel the Fire’ are fast-paced and on fire, full of suspense and intrigue so grab yourself a copy and bunker down.

10. Cape refuge Series – Terri Blackstock

This series has 4 books; Cape Refuge, Southern Storm, River’s edge and Breaker’s edge. Whereas Nick Barrett (check first list) starts with the lies and secrets of old money high society, this one is about the lives of people in a small seaside town as two sisters struggle to continue the work their parents began in helping the troubled people who came to their house. Although I have only read the last two books of the series, I know that Terri Blackstock has mastered the art of suspense and therefore I am good with my recommendation. So follow Mathew Cade as he tries to solve the town’s dark mysteries before they drown them all. Book three begins with the search of the wife of Ben Jackson, a mayoral race candidate, at the campaign’s high season. And as deeper and darker secrets come out just as her body is discovered, will the town survive?
Hope you guys have gotten some fantastic good reads to last you the next 3 months ūüôā If you have read the books before, comment below what you thought of them. Like the post if it totally helped you narrow your book search or brought back memories and share it with a friend to brighten the day and give them something to look forward to. Remember to click that follow button to get more updates when I post.
Much love and light to you, Shalom, Kenah

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