I started blogging at 13 but never actually took it seriously until recently, when I turned 21. I write to purge myself of thoughts mostly so you will see a lot of musings and opinion pieces. I write to invoke feeling so you will see some poetry and fiction. I write to question norms and start conversations and thought changes in people so you will see controversial points of view. I write for God and for myself because writing is a gift given to me. I enjoy writing and will try to have a post up every  two days if not every day. I like to give advice, or more like pass on tips and tricks I have learned from my friends, family and mentors. I believe that knowledge is power and so I will give whatever knowledge I have to you. I enjoy feedback and love it when someone has a different view point because that makes me think. So this blog is a personal blog but not a diary or journal but more of a forum and setting where I intend to impact the world and start a revolution of thought. I believe that change can be made by anyone who has a passion and submits their gift to God and therefore I will use my writing to hopefully make you want to try something new or change the way you view something.
Join me on my journey by following this blog and I hope it changes your life.


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