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There is always some beauty trend, some website/brand giving you tips to make you more beautiful. There’s always the list of the world’s most beautiful people or the sexiest woman/man alive. There’s that girl we always follow because we think she’s the definition of beauty; we want to be her, have her. There’s the guy who we’ll like because he’s the epitome of masculinity. There’s always a perfect body type; skinny, curvy, big butt,big boobs, thick, slender, 6 pack abs, flat tummy,tall, short. As long as there’s been humans there has been that man and woman who embodied what we deemed perfect. And that’s the thing with physical beauty,it is fleeting. Not just because of age, gravity, hormones and lifestyle but because we humans are tragically shallow and undecided. Today we love this celeb – they are beautiful, we worship them, we start workouts and beauty trends in their honor, we feature them on every magazine cover possible – but tommorow we move on to the next one. Today we want natural hair, no Photoshop, stretch marks, flabby stomachs and make-up free faces yet next week we’ll hate on some poor celeb who added weight, or posts untouched photos and we’ll sneer and gossip about the guy who isn’t gyming 10 times a week and the girl who dared to go for dinner without 30 products on her face. But the one thing that hasn’t changed is the inner beauty. From time in memorium, we have admired genuinely good people; those with good hearts, who help others, who compliment others, who are real even they are broken. We have given them humanitarian awards, positions in the UN, fan pages and what not. We quote them, we emulate them, we teach our children to be like them. However much we enjoy the savages and those with zero chills and who don’t care we are always drawn back to those who do care. And therein is our problem, we have terrible insides. We feed ourselves the wrong thing. No I’m not talking about the fact that you take whole milk, or diary products, or meat, or gluten or whatever other thing that have somehow become tge worst thing you can put inside your body, I am talking about the garbage we put in our souls. The things we read, watch, listen to, even the celebs we worship. Things that are not edifying our souls. Things that are giving us anxiety, self-hate, depression, eating disorders and low self esteem. Things that are making us hate on others because we hate oursleves, they are making us force each other to look a certain way because  ‘if I am suffering then I can’t let everyone else be happy in who they are so let me make it a thing’ We hear so much negativity, we follow so many fake people until we forget who we are.
“Beauty is what you define and make it to be. We create beauty, beauty doesn’t create us,it does not define us”
So yes, you’re not a size 4 or whatever, yes you have kinky hair or don’t, yes you have far spaced eyes, yes you have big thighs,or skinny ones, yes you have a big stomach or not, yes whatever you think your problem is but you know what, that is not the problem. The problem is your heart and mind.  So here is how to be beautiful: 1. GO AND LOVE YOURSELF- work on your soul Your heart needs to learn to love itself, to love you. You need to reprogram your mind to accept this things, not as flaws as we say, but the unique features that set you apart from someone else. You need to tune your heart to God’s voice that tells you that you are precious, you are honoures, you are wonderfully made. 2. FOCUS ON OTHERS: – help others, love others. Most importantly you need to stop focusing on you. Love others, help someone in need, join a club, make the world a better place and believe me, you will realize that you are beautiful . When you build others up, you build yourself becsue it will make you feel useful. It’s a proven study. You also won’t have time to pick on yourself when you step out and realize someone doesn’t have legs to complain about. So what is beauty? It’s more than skin deep, it’s more than a trend, it’s not a body type, race or color. It is definitely not killing yourself.
Beauty is individuality, embracing who you are and giving that out to the world.
You have a purpose, the way you are. Stop letting people with self esteem issues, the cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies, the media or even yourself tell you what beauty is. Beauty is what you define and make it to be. We create beauty, beauty doesn’t create us,it does not define us.

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