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Dear darling, Running, chasing. The never ending cycle of life. It’s like you’re on a hamster wheel and you’re running, you’re chasing. Your legs are always moving yet you seem to be getting nowhere, Your Heart is always beating but your life is draining away. Your hands are always reaching for something that is just outside your grip. You are fine, then you are not. You give until there’s nothing left, You try so hard only to try again. You are running, and when you stop running it’s because it’s time to start chasing.   You are running from your past, you’re running from the dark. You’re running from pain, you’re running to gain. You’re running from yourself,from your calling. You’re running from God,from love, from anything that might require that you give all of you. And when you are done running, you start chasing. You chase dreams, Jobs and places, You chase joy, life and faces. You chase people who don’t want you, You chase life, you chase focus. What you want you can’t seem to have, What you don’t want seems to be rushing after you.
Seeking that which is ever elusive is like searching for the end of the ocean
It’s not just you though. All humans are crazy and have been at some point stuck in that cycle; run,chase,run,chase. We are constantly running from demons, battles, pasts, pains, disappointments. We are trying so hard to outrun our fears and the heavy expectations of those around us. We run because we think that somewhere along the road we will win this race, outrun the problems or outwit something; that we will find a place of rest by running hard enough or fast enough. Even when we find something good, we want to run before the other shoe drops… Because it’s going to drop, right? We are seasoned runners, and at a certain age we ate veterans of the game and we think we have won because we seem to be one or five steps ahead each time. And yet, our fears, hopes,pasts, demons and problems always seem to catch us. And when we are done running, we chase. Rest is the ever elusive gift we all yearn for. That’s why depression, anxiety, suicide, over thinking,guts wrenching fear have such large place in society. That’s why 90% of shrinks have jobs. We have convinced each other that we need the things we chase. We need the love of that boy who keeps leaving and breaking girls’ hearts. We need to have that girl who snubs us and gossips about us. We need our parents’ approval in our adult lives even if it means forsaking our true calling and happiness. We need that A, that job, that friend, that car, that dress, that shoe or that body. And so we chase these things like dogs chasing their own tails. We go round and around and even if we manage to catch them it’s but for a moment and then they’re gone or someone snatches them or we realize they aren’t all that and we are off again to catch something else.
Always grasping at the edges and never quit getting a handle on it
But it’s time to stop, it’s time to give your heart a break and your legs a rest. It’s time to realize that there is more to life than chasing that which is ever elusive and running from things. There’s more to life than fear and discontentment. You have to realize that there’s a God who gave His life for you, His blood for you, rose again for you so that this life isn’t the only life you’ll ever know. It’s for you to open up and receive His love; nothing more left for you to chase or run from. He will fight your battles and give you the victory. All that is meant for you will come to you,it will chase you, not vice versa. You have to stop running; your past has no power over you, your chains have been broken and you’ve been set free. Your mistakes are just that, mistakes, don’t beat yourself over them. Your pains,struggles and demons can all be laid at the feet of Jesus and you can be free of them. Don’t think about them, don’t dwell on them, don’t keep carrying them around. Stop running and just give up the ghosts.
Set yourself free from the chase; run wild, be free
There is more to life than a rat race; there’s the warm days full of sunshine and cold nights filled with hot beverages, there’s jokes you haven’t heard and books you haven’t read. So much, so many things that come free by virtue of you being human; air, flowers, trees, nighttime, sunlight, stars,beaches and grasslands. There is so much of life that can be enjoyed without chasing it. So today, take time to be positive, to attract positivity and to give off a positive energy. Realize that however much he broke your heart, she lowered you self esteem, they took you for granted or back stabbed you; however cruel life has been and however great your burdens and struggles have been, there’s more to living. Realize this then you will realize that these things do not have power over you and do not define you. His love did not validate you, her beauty does not negate yours, their opinion does not control you and your failures are just part of your success story. Pick up, read a book, take pictures and dance in a field barefoot. Visit old towns and sail the high seas, leave that stressing job, drop that depressing class, love yourself. Because in the end faith, hope and love matter. And the greatest is love. Love God, love yourself then you’ll have the energy to love others.
Seeking that which is ever elusive is like searching for the end of the ocean
Don’t drain yourself, don’t give what you don’t have, don’t sacrifice your sanity for things that won’t satisfy you or even last long, don’t run after that love, don’t sell your soul for a piece of this earth. For today, just stop chasing and running. Just breathe, just love, just relax. Everything is coming and you are so precious, so honored, so loved. Yours sincerely, Kenah

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  1. Thank you for your writing. Jesus is the only answer. For even in the living, I never saw the extent of beauty or the gift of life until I began to live in Christ. He is the one who gives a lavish life and the ability to enjoy it. Otherwise, life is as hopeless as it sometimes seems.

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