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It’s a crazy world, huh? Threat of an impending nuclear war, terrorism,racism,tribalism, corruption,murder and everything else that is like a terrible episode of your favorite political thriller. We don’t even need TV dramas anymore, it’s all on the news. But it gets worse; inner turmoil, chasing dreams, chasing happiness, chasing people, anxiety, depression, overthinking, keeping up grades, finding yourself, unrequited love, addictions, feeling left out, striving for acceptance, trying too hard to be different and so forth. It takes a toll on anyone especially the recent months’ events. And as a person you can fear for your life, for your place in society or even doubt whether or not it’s al going to work out. You can get lost in the anxiety of tomorrow and lose your inner peace and contentment. If you put on the TV or go on social media or even google you’ll just be bombarded with all these messages of wars and rumors of wars, drought,famine, heartache,floods,pain,death and the crashing economy. When you are surrounded by so much negativity it is easy to lose sight of the promises of God. Jesus said that ‘Peace I give you;my peace I leave with you,not as the world gives. Do not let your hearts may be troubled neither should you be afraid.”John 14:27 That verse is an easy one to quote in church or on an Instagram post but it is hard to believe, really believe. And because we can’t believe it then we can’t even speak ‘peace,be still’ to any storm in our lives. Half the world’s problems would be solved if everyone was at peace with themselves and a peace with God. Wars are started fro  bruised egos, people go into debt trying to save for tomorrow, people kill themselves trying to be like someone else. The truth is this world will never be perfect;not in its current condition or in this age. But we can have peace even during the storm, we can be joyous and calm even when the ground is shaking beneath us because we have the power. Now, I don’t know how to restore peace to the entire world but I do know I can decide whether or not I am a peace even when everything around me is on fire, So here are some keys I have found you can apply to experience calm and peace even in the storm
  1. Pray:

We are told in Philippians 4:5-7 that we should let our gentleness be evident to everyone, that we should not be anxious about anything but in everything by PRAYER and supplication present our needs to God. Basically, if anything is bothering you, pray about it, are you unsure? pray. do you fear?pray. Are you angry?pray. Pray,pray ,pray. And prayer is not some religious chanting of nice sounding words. It is basically talking to God as you would a friend. Just say what is in your mind and heart exactly. Voice your concerns, burdens, joys,struggles, pains and anger. God is not surprised by them neither is He waiting to strike you. There is no right or wrong way to pray just talk out loud to God.

      2.Positive thoughts:

Your thoughts run your life and so if you keep thinking the worst, drowning yourself in negative thoughts then trust me, you will never know peace. Your mind can really ruin your life, ask any over thinker. It can give you fear and anxiety over something that hasn’t even happened. You could drown yourself in sink water by thinking that it’s a deep lake and you can’t swim or breathe. That is why I keep saying that anything in your life begins with a thought, not even an action. So before you can have inner peace and calm you have to think thoughts that give you inner peace. Meditate on positive things, on God’s word and ensure your mind is on the right track. Phillipians 4:8 reminds us that we should only think of whatever is true,right,noble,worthy,admirable,excellent or praiseworthy.Remember as a man thinks, so is he.

          3.Have Faith:

As much as I would like to say that if you practice positive thinking that you will actually master it, that would be a lie. We are human and the news around us is hard to control and sometimes that news sips into our mind and sends us into a downward spiral. We have emotions, hormones and fears that are easily triggered. It is easy to forget to think positive and meditate on God’s word. Positive thoughts have to be matched by a positive spirit and that is achieved by having faith. Having faith that all things will work for your good, that your prayers will be answered, that however much the storm rages it will calm, that you have the power to calm the storm, that you can walk on water, that you will not drown. Faith is the key. It will keep your hope up in the darkest of nights. Even as you pray, you will not get what you ask for if you lack faith because we are told that anyone who asks God for anything has to believe first that He exists and that He rewards those who diligently seek Him(Hebrews 11:6) Faith isn’t a feeling, nor is it a thought. It is an assurance in things not seen and a certainty of things hoped for. It comes from your spirit, not your head or your heart.

                 4.Speak life:

The tongue is the most powerful weapon man was given; in it is the power of life and death. Anyone who has felt hurt by words knows this. It was just words though, so why did they hurt you, why do they keep defining you, why do they ruin your life, why do they keep you from going for the things you want? Because the tongue has the power to give life or speak death. Our words can either build or destroy. Jesus healed people, raised the dead, calmed the storms and created the whole earth with just words. Words are the essence of who you are because we are told that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. So that is why I started with internal things, how to fix yourself on the inside then once you have done that, speak that life. Speak positive things, give compliments, pronounce blessings over your life, speak peace over your family or country. Your words are the key to ensuring that you stay peaceful, because what you put out there comes back to you and your inner peace will keep being replenished if you keep speaking it.

                   5.Surround yourself with positivity:

The people around you, the programs you watch, the music you listen to, even your timeline on social media will be key to whether you stay peaceful. Positive vibes may be radiated by you but if you are surrounded by negativity then they will be choked out. When a plan t is surrounded by thorns or weeds, it may grow, it may even start bearing fruit but sooner or later, the thorns will choke the life out of it. Pull the weeds out of your life, disengage fro people who keep speaking negatively,complaining and never offering solutions. It is Ok to outgrow people when they are toxic to your health so if you feel like this will only make me anxious, over think Or crazy then detach from them.  Remember the surrounding does not have to be a place but more about what are you hearing,watching,reading or spending time with. Our senses can overwhelm us and drag us down if they are not overloaded by the right things. So switch off the news, unfollow some accounts, unfriend some people, turn off the radio, stop watching that series or listening to that musician.   I know that these are the five keys to staying at peace with yourself and God and thus you will radiate peace and give peace to your surroundings. Inner peace is the key to happiness, contentment,joy and love. You cannot give what you don’t have, you cannot love if you are not at peace with yourself, you cannot impact the world if you keep fighting with yourself. The world may keep fighting but you have a choice about whether or not you will have anxiety,depression or keep fighting within yourself. These things are not easy though, do not fool yourself into thinking they are, but they can be done with consistency and holding on to God. Hope this has blessed you and if it has, share so it can help someone else. If you like it, please comment and like. If you have a question, critic or another key then also comment. Spread love and light and remember to trust the journey. Shalom,Kenah.

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