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Time. It’s the trickiest part of being human. There’s no time to do what you want, there’s all the time to do what you hate. We act like it’s slipping away but live like we have forever. We act like there is a ticking clock and chase after the wrong things, things that cannot satisfy and yet we think we have all the time to do the things that matter; the ‘little things’. You see, we take life as a competition when really it’s really just a side by side road trip. So yeah, we chase things because we want to win and also win in the shortest time possible because you know, on your death bed you’ll be like ” I got my degree youngest, saw all the major tourist cities and earned billions. I lived.” Right. No one ever says that you see, because there’s always going to be more; more money to earn, more degrees and papers to get, more people to meet, more places to see, more waters to sail on and more mountains to climb and so little time to actually do it.The ‘big things’ are always going to be there and there’s is always going to be too little time to achieve them. That’s why we’re starting school earlier and earlier, we are asking for years of experience from  a 22 year old, we are pushing records, we are chasing the best selfies, there is always a newer,better and shorter way to get a ripped body and there’s always a tourist list that is updated just in case there is somewhere you haven’t traveled. So don’t feel like if you get this you’ll be done or if you go there you will be happy. Learn to be content where you are and then have a spirit of adventure, not greed or desperation. Yes,Yearn to do more,learn more or see more, but also yearn to be more than OK if it all ended with where you are. Look at life as an endless road with beautiful stops all along the way; you will never really get to the end of the road, but you will enjoy each and every place you Stop and then you will realize that you have the exact amount of time you need to achieve that which is meant for you. The time is now And for the other end of the spectrum,where you never think it will be last time,you know? It never hits you that this could be the last time. The last time you see him, you talk to her, you do this, you go there, you experience that, you feel like that. We kinda live in the assumption that we have forever and a day or at least a day. Another time, another day, next month or next year; those are our common phrases. We wait for summer, the weekend, rain or a new year to do things. We wait for the ‘right time’ to tell someone what we really feel. We live in the dream that there will be a moment later that will be better and yet the fact that you are alive right now,right here with this person means that this is the right moment. Now. I mean yes, there is a right time for everything but we use that excuse to procrastinate. If God has placed you somewhere, given you or shown you someone you need to reach out to, given you a gift or given you the time then it IS the right time. There’s never another time;people die,  they move on, places change and prices fluctuate, your body fails you or worse, you die. The right time is the moment that we have been given right now, you haven’t been guaranteed any other time so if you feel a nagging in your spirit to do something, then do it.
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Time has a twisted way of holding us hostage, especially when we try and go it alone.
This is could be the last time. So tell her she’s pretty, tell him you love him, go to that city, get that hair style, compliment that chef, drive that car, try that sport, talk to that person, do that course, take those classes. Just do it like this is the last time. Do everything like this is the only time you get to do it. Do it cheerfully, do it well, do it with all you’ve got. If you aren’t pursuing your passion then remember this is the only time you are guaranteed of so take that step of faith and start doing what makes your soul sing and your heart thump.Don’t stop trying to be better but don’t do it because you are competing with someone else or trying to achieve society’s standards. The only standard we are meant to strive for is God’s and the only life we should be living is our own. If you are tired, rest but don’t quit. If you have the energy, push harder.
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Time is like a double-edged sword; if you take it for granted or waste it it hurts you, if you rush it then it hurts you too.
Its a conundrum, mastering time that is. Its almost a dmaned if you dont, damned if you do sotuation but that is only if youre trying to do it on your own. Last week I wrote about finding inner peace and once you start there, you will know how to spend your time. The only way to use the double edged sword that is time to your advantage is to find inner peace and to get wisdom. You need wisdom from God to.understnd the times and to know what to do when and how to be the master of time, it is there to serve you and  ensure you achieve your God-given Purpose. Shalom, Kenah

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