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Effort. That word can be hard to swallow. And I am sure you have heard it at least once in  your life from your gym instructor, your teacher, your parent, your friend or your girlfriend/boyfriend. Work hard. Dreams don’t work unless you do. Put your back into it. Don’t dream it, be it. Don’t wish for it, work for it. Prove to me you care/you love me/you want me in your life.All these statements are familiar to you and they all always mean the same thing; effort.
Do what you love
It’s easier to try when you it’s new and fresh and exciting or when it doesn’t feel like trying because there is so little effort required
  There are times it is easier to put effort into Something; maybe after an amazing sermon, the beginning of something, when you’re excited, when the road ahead is clear and precise and when there is nothing to lose but time. It is easy to put in effort when the instructions are clear and the effort required is the bare minimum. It is easy to workout rarely, it is easy to just talk to that friend on the off occasion you meet, it is easy to call that person when you are bored, it is easy to work on your dream when you have all the money, it is easy to put little effort. But very rarely in life do things survive on minimum effort even when it seems like you just suddenly happened on a blessimg,you have to do something to keep it.
Galatians 5:9
Keep working, keep trying. It will all make sense one day
You see, in my few years on this earth I have learned that nothing that is worthwhile comes easy, nothing just falls into your lap. Does God bless us by His grace?yes! But what we do with those blessings is what determines whether they stay ours or are snatched up by the enemy. We are blessed based on the desires of our heart, we keep those blessings based on the work and effort we put into it. God will open the door for you but He will never force you to walk through it, or to stay on that side. That is what taking a step of faith is; it is putting in that effort into the direction God has pointed and clarity and blessings will come once you have stepped out. That is what touching the hem of His garment means, or walking on water, or claiming the promised land, or going into battle, or leaving what you know for a foreign land. So yeah, all the cliché statements I mentioned above, they apply.
Effort is the greatest step of faith anyone can take because it is giving your time, energy and strength into something and basically backing up your faith and hope with actions.
I have also learned that nobodies lives just fit together, you have to work at it. Humans by nature are sinful,selfish and look for the path of least resistance. We resist change and by default we resist anything that requires too much effort and does not come with an inspirational how to book. And especially of late where we are so consumed with our own prayers,careers,happiness,lives that we fail to actually consider others around us. We believe that “if someone is meant for me then they’ll find their way back to me or the universe/God will guide them to me” which is so untrue and wrong. I do believe that God does send you the right people in life when He knows you need them, not when you think you’re ready, and sometimes those people are a genuine surprise – an answer to a prayer not spoken out loud or a thought not fully conceived. But once God has placed someone in your life, He is not going to force you to connect with them or keep them neither is He going to force them to connect with you or stay or wait. It takes lots of prayer and effort from both parties to actually make a friendship/relationship work.
Tea and a book
It’s easier to sit back and expect things to come to you, but the seed has to be sown,the land has to be tilled and the ground watered for you to reap a good harvest.
The same way that you would chase a scholarship, a job offer, a business deal, a seat at some table, food or any other thing is the way you should chase people, actually more so because people have souls and are thus more important.So if you want someone to stay in your life, prove it with your actions. So reach out today to someone who has blessed you because no matter what anyone tells you, great things do not just happen, they are worked on. God has been known to give very clear instructions for say, battles or buildings but sometimes He just shows you something and waits for you to act on it then He will show you more. What I’m trying to say is that sometimes the road is clear and precise and God even tells you what obstacles you will face and how He will deliver you from them(Moses,David,Mary,Jehoshaphat) but sometimes He just tells you to go and He will be with you (Abraham, David) When it comes to effort, it may be easier to put in the work when you are in the former position, where it is clear, but most times we find ourselves in the latter position with only some information or sometimes nothing but a gut feeling to go with. I know you may be struggling with something, with putting in the work or even starting the work to begin with; maybe it is school, or a dream,a career move,a business deal, a friendship or a relationship but you are not alone. We all struggle with effort. I’m struggling with my own area where I may have to put in effort because it’s still unclear and it will be a huge gamble and I talked to my discipler about it and she said that sometimes God’s confirmation and instruction do not come until you take that step of faith into doing what He has impressed on your heart. That deeply encouraged me because here I was asking God for confirmation, for more revelation when He has given me all I need for now and I have to move out and trust Him.
wild flowers
Everything worthwhile comes with some struggles, lots of effort and loads of prayer. Keep at it.
So today I will urge you to take a breath and dive in, we are swimming in the deep. It will get harder the deeper you go but I promise you are not alone. Whether you have it all figured out and now it’s time to actuate it or you are looking ahead with puzzlement, you need to step out.Stop making excuses for your fear; your fear of failure, of commitment,of ,change, of pain, of not being good enough or whatever other fear you have.Take the plunge with me. Start,or maybe you have just lost motivation so continue. The biggest risks give the biggest profit, the hardest climbs give the best views and the worst storms give way to the brightest days. The biggest step of faith to take is to put in effort, put in the Work. What is it you’re struggling putting effort into? What is it you feel will just ‘work itself out’? Comment below. Like and share if this blessed you and don’t forget to subscribe 😀 Much love,light and blessings to you. Xo, Kenah.  

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  1. I absolutely loved this post. Just what l needed to hear. Effort is so important and l love that you raised the point that “nothing that is worthwhile comes easy, nothing just falls into your lap.” I find so much depth and truth in this ?. Lovely post!

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