• Poetry

    To the women I once was

    So I’m currently on a vacation for a bit and I have decided to write more poetry and fiction. I had been suffering a bit of a writer’s block for a minute there. This specific poem was actually finished last week but life got in the way before I could post it so I decided to post it today. I have worn a lot of faces in life; A lot of different personalities and traits. Some of them were masks, others were faces I had ripped off of other people. Some were for fun, for the thrill of it Yet others were a necessity, to protect and shield myself. I…

  • Lifestyle

    Opportunities: Take the leap or lose the chance.

    I think sometimes that happens in our lives,we miss our shot, you know? We miss our moment. God opens a door and we are too busy banging on a closed one, trying to fit through a window or straight up ignoring it while we 'fix somethings'. We are used to 'God help those who help themselves' and so we spend times helping ourselves in the name of speeding things along and we end up messing ourselves... 

  • Lifestyle

    4 ways to deal with anxiety

    There are times the anxiety sneaks up on you slowly and starts suffocating you and then brings his friend depression who finishes you off and by the time you realize that you were under attack you are six feet under,covered by pain,guilt,anger,sadness,despair,hopelessness and lacking the energy to lift yourself up. What do you do then? How do you deal with and prevent anxiety especially in this trying times?