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I’ve had one of those weeks. You know the ones that leave you questioning your existence and deeply depressed? Yeah…. It started out great. I went to see Hillsong in concert,twice!! But then I got a flu that really took a toll on my body and I tried real hard to act like it was an average cold but I actually felt like I was dying(not an exaggeration,sorta) But yeah and then I just contemplated life and where I was in life and obviously I started comparing myself to other because that’s what life has taught me to do and I got major depression for a while. I couldn’t even write anything that wasn’t dark and depressing because that was how my heart was. But it’s a new week and I have found myself again in God and just striving for contentment and learning to trust the process. 
Faith is about hearing Jesus’ voice and taking the step to walk on water.
But before I got here I had an insane revelation…I missed a blessing. You see, I was so stuck on who I thought I should be and where I thought I should be by now that I missed a chance to enjoy where I actually am at. Not only that, but I missed a chance to relax in God’s presence and worship Him because in was too busy worrying about why He wanted me there in the first place. Now this may seem like a small thing but it made me realize that it could have been worse, I could have just passed a big opportunity by. I think sometimes that happens in our lives,we miss our shot, you know? We miss our moment. God opens a door and we are too busy banging on a closed one, trying to fit through a window or straight up ignoring it while we ‘fix somethings’. We are used to ‘God help those who help themselves’ and so we spend times helping ourselves in the name of speeding things along and we end up messing ourselves. There are so many prayers that are answered, so much power we have and yet we are struggling like we are average human beings. We miss opportunities because we think that there should be a light bulb moment or a lightning strike, or because we are so busy achieving some certain goals we think we need to achieve before we move to the new chapter that God has started. We do things based on our human wisdom and understanding, based on what our human eyes can see, based on what we think God said as opposed to what He actually said. And it’s hard you know, to hear God’s voice and obey it to the letter. Maybe it’s cause we have control issues or trust issues or we are just stubborn and obstinate. We don’t realize that we aren’t the drivers here but passengers and we start trying to steer it where we see fit. We move on with life hoping that God will come along for the ride, and that is just when life is ‘normal’.
Living in the now is about taking the opportunities presented to you in this moment and walking through those doors; not worrying about the future or unopen doors not stressing about the past or fitting through windows
When we are faced with challenges and storms like sickness, big decisions, loss, drastic change or any other trial, we tend to do what we think is best. We pray for blessings,clarity,healing or peace but we keep doing what we were doing before, never taking a break to actually hear God speak or see where He is directing us. Yet even in a storm, God is not only there but He is working and He is giving us an opportunity to experience Him and a miracle in a new way. Like the disciples in that boat when they thought Jesus was a ghost and He told them it was Him. Only Peter took the chance and asked to walk on water, he may have gotten scared but he did it. All the rest were in the boat either too busy trying to get the water out or trying to play it safe because they ‘had a chance’. How many times have we done that? Have we taken the safer route,the saner route? How many times have we chosen logic over faith? How many times have we just stood an watched, not taking that plunge when we were supposed to? How many times have we sat back and said ‘If it was meant for me then it will come back to me’ instead of grabbing the opportunity?  I mean, I’m so guilty of this so I get it. Even the times when I do obey and take that jump like Abraham, I don’t to it to the full, I take some Lots with me along the way and my father too where God had said ‘Leave your family and your people and take your wife to the land I am showing you’ It takes several attempts, the death of said father, moving to Egypt and quarrelling with Lot for Abraham to finally obey. And I am the same way too. And I have missed so much because of that. So yeah, sometimes we miss our moment, we miss that opportunity to truly do something great, feel something great, experience greatness and be a part of it. We miss our miracle, the answer to our prayers because we are so stuck on how those said prayers should be answered that we forget who is answering them. Your answer may be right in front of you and you are busy chasing so called ‘opportunities’ because you think that’s where God is sending you. We miss opportunities because we are faithless, we worry, we are stubborn, we are fearful or we are relying on self will.  Stop chasing crystals and leaving a diamond behind, stop shuffling the deck of cards when you already have the winning hand, stop trying so hard when you could just look up, stop chasing sunsets when there is a sunrise right in front of you.  Just stop. Be still. Shut up and live in the now, forget all else and see what God is doing now. Be a Peter, seize the moment and walk on water. Be an Esther, use the opportunity to present your case. Be a Ruth, put yourself out there(after you pray) and hope for the best. Be a Jael, drive a stake through the enemy’s head like a seasoned soldier even though you are not. Be a child of God. Seize your moment. Take your blessing. Because trust me, you will look up from what you are doing and realize all you wanted,asked for and prayed for just passed you by. 
The life of faith is hard and feels like your going around blind but remember you have Jesus holding your hand and guiding you. Take the plunge
I hope this encourages you to look up, to stop and really listen to God. I hope it keeps you from pounding down closed doors or ignoring open ones because you hope for something else. I hope it draws you back to the drawing board, to God and to His perfect will. There is an open door right in front of you that you are passing while you run up and down the hallway banging on other people’s doors. I hope you take it, I hope you step through,I hope you jump.  If this has encouraged you,please like,share and comment. Subscribe if you haven’t already and I promise to not make you regret it. I’ll be posting a poem tomorrow so I look forward to hearing your feedback. much love light and blessings to you. Shalom, Kenah.

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