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  So I have been having some bad days. And then I caught a cold recently so as I writer this, my throat is on fire and my head is pounding and I am sleepy and cranky. Now these bad days may or may not be related to the current state of the world coupled with my own worries about my life and future. I have began worrying again, something I had trained and prayed myself out of and now I am stressed again. To top it all off, I started with the whole comparing yourself thing. My body,my hair,my career, my education literally everything has come under scrutiny. And the writer’s block I have been having has not helped at all. So I have decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and find several ways to get out of my funk and also hopefully help those of you who are going through a depressing period.
Pass it on
Encourage yourself. Speak words of faith,grace and life over yourself even when you do not feel it.
  1. Unplug:

And I mean this in the literal sense of the word. Unplug your laptop,phone, tv. Get off your social media accounts even if they are used for work/business. Just take 24 hours off, hopefully more. And if you feel you cannot control yourself, I suggest you deactivate your accounts and ask for an accountability partner to help you beat your media addiction. Sometimes it’s the constant bombardment of news items and seemingly ‘perfect’ lives that drive us to that brink of discontentment, worry and self-hate. When you are busy seeing so and so with their amazing stories and their money,engagements and 6-month baby bumps that are smaller than your unbloated stomach(why, Lord?!) then you have no time to see the great things that are present and happening in your life. And if you are always getting alerts on all the bad and negative in the world then it will become hard to stay positive, in faith and in light. So take time off that news cycle and that gadget and you will be surprised at your mood change.

          2.Chase the sun and a dose of fresh air:

Now it is a scientific fact that sunlight helps alleviate moods and keep one happy(really,google it) and that is why so many people consider the beach an ideal vacation and summer the best season. And not only does it lighten up your day and lift your mood, but it also provides you with natural and essential vitamin D. So get out of that room/office/hall and get some much needed sunlight. Take a vacation and if none of these are possible, then just get outside for a bit. The fresh air is definitely better than being cooped up all day. Breathe in,breathe deep and see how instantly your mood shifts, even if you are breathing cold air. And sometimes that fresh air clears your mind and helps you see things from a whole new perspective.

            3. Sweat it out:

You do not have to be a gym freak or a health nut to enjoy a good sweat sesh. Getting down and dirty really does remove toxins from your body, clear your mind and release those happy hormones. Not only that, but it also gives that deep sense of accomplishment when you have conquered a workout whether it is beginner or advanced. So grab some sweat pants(they are not for lounging around) and go run or dance or walk or lift weights or work your core. You can kick-box or jump rope or cycle or do Pilates. Really anything that gets your blood pumping and sweat dripping. You’ll be shocked by the way your mind shifts and how much better you feel; plus it’s good for your heart.
A cup of coffee(or your favorite beverage) can go a long way in making you feel better

               4. Socialize:

As an introvert, this one scares me on a good day so on a day where I am not feeling my best and struggling…nah! But as a human being you need human contact and sometimes we feel really bad because we are not socializing. It doesn’t have to be a big party or even going out, just have dinner with your family, listen to your little sister’s inane comments, laugh at your dad’s jokes, let your best friend vent, actually finally meet up with that friend yiu keep ignoring. Getting out of your own mind sometimes needs a physical push and putting yourself in the circle of others helps. Now seeing other people’s lives on social media is not socializing and the only way to get out of this is if all the people around you are mean and vindictive. Remember, most people are actually nice and will help.

              5.Do what you love:

So whether it is working out, singing, painting, solving math equations(how?!) or listening to music, find what you love and just do it. Take some time and just do what you really love. Sometimes we need to get our heart racing with excitement so that we get the strength to face another hour or day so find that excitement and do it. This will release that amazing serotonin and alleviate your mood and then you can go back to your life with a much better outlook. In fact if you make it a habit then you won’t have to go through deep moody funks, just bad days.

                6. Prayer and meditation:

I am big on this one. Surround yourself with God’s word whether by reading it, watching sermons or listening to audio scripture and just spend time meditating on it. Pray and set time aside to hear God’s answers. Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God, so while you switch off the world, tune in to God and not the voices in your head. We need to hear the good news that this is not the end, that it gets better, that we are loved, that we are worthy sometimes over and over again until it sinks. It takes a lot to erase bad news and set ways of negativity. Nothing shines brighter than God’s word and nothing reaches wider than His love so get it for yourself. Let God speak to you, not to anyone else and hear what He has to say about your situation. Now there are so many other ways to get out of a funk that I could have listed like get out of your head and talk to yourself in the mirror and cry but I feel like these are the very best and encompass a wider variety of things. Is there any that you have personally done and has helped? Do you have some that are not here and would like to share? Comment below. Otherwise if this has blessed you as much as it has me then share it and subscribe. I hope your days get merry and your sorrows slide and that you remember you are precious,honored, loved and intelligent. Shalom, Kenah

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