4 seasons in life when you need to fix your focus

Focus. It’s what drives you to a goal, grounds you and keeps you pushing. In life there are so many times when we lose our focus from what matters; God. We slip because we are human and it is in our nature to forget and we do so so slowly that most of the time we don’t even realize we are losing focus until we are way off. So here are a few seasons in life where one can lose their focus and how to regain it.

1. The confusion of Loss of Direction:

It’s pretty easy to get lost in life, to run through the motions and end up nowhere and not just as you walk on unknown paths but also on known roads. It’s even easy to be lost when you’re going ‘nowhere’. When you have a big decision to make and you can’t seem to be able to choose, when you feel like you should be moving on to the next big step in life or in a certain area of your life and yet you are ‘stuck’. When you’re standing at a crossroad and wondering “Where to next?”, when you are struggling to find meaning in where you currently are, when you cannot seem to see ahead however hard you try to. Sometimes the lost feeling is just that, a feeling, and once you get out of your feels then with a clear head and an open mind you can take the new direction. But what about when you really are lost? What about when you’ve actually lost focus? What about when you really cannot make any decision because you lack clarity, faith or the strength to accept whatever consequences come from it?
God says to look to Him.  Listen only to His voice because the truth is there are a lot of voices out there; your parents, friends, teachers,boss,enemies,social media and all that. And let’s not forget all the voices in your head. God reminds us that He will direct our way; he will shine out our path and point out our steps so we do not stumble. ( Psalm 119). All you have to do is focus on Him, blur out all other sides and voices and focus on He who made you. You will hear a voice saying, this is the way; go in it( Isaiah 30:21).

When you walk through the fire, He will be with you. When you walk through the waters, they will not sweep over you.

2. The hardships of the desert or the storm:

And you know when else we need to fix our focus, when we are in a desert/storm period. We normally tend to shout after the victory. We throw a party and scream, we shout after the clock strikes 12, we pump our fists after the visa/the deal goes through, we jump up in joy when the pain goes away. Yet, the Israelites, who had just come from 40 years in the desert, shouted BEFORE the wall came down. They walked around and around for six days, and 7 times on the seventh day. It’s hard to focus on God when the world around you is stormy, hellish, stressing,stagnant and dry. It’s hard to be positive when you have been circling the same mountain for months, never really able to move it or climb it. But what we learn from the Israelites is to praise Him in advance, move the mountain with your worship, bring the walls down with shouts of joy and victory. 90% of the battle is in your mind and spirit so shout to cut down the enemies power and shake off the desert sand. Shout out loud and envision that wall coming down and the force of your praise will shake the ground and make things move. Your praise is your way to focus your mind on things above, on His promises and on His word. Moreover, praise confuses the enemy and makes you put your trust in God. You are what you think and your tongue is where life and death come from. So arrest your thoughts through praise and speak life and breakthrough with your tongue.

Life is all about balance: the black and white keys both play good music but it’s great when played together.

3. The Comfort of the Promised land:

We also lose focus when we “arrive”, when we have all we’ve prayed for and it gets to our head. When you get that A or that job or that marriage or promotion. We start to celebrate and then we forget all about the hardships, the prayers, God. It always starts slowly, you go fro brunch instead of bible study, you update your status/fees instead of doing devotion, you fall asleep before praying, you spend time bonding instead of worshiping. We enjoy the blessings/the miracle to the point of worship and we forget the Blesser/miracle giver. These are the times we can easily get prideful, arrogant and self centered. We forget our God and grow fat on His blessing just like the Israelites in the promised land. After we have fought and fought and prayed and cried and we finally get what we asked for, we get lax and forget to use it for His glory and for His purpose. So even as you get what you what, remember to ground yourself in His word by constantly reminding yourself where you’ve come from; keep pictures of your first house, keep letters from your single hood, keep a copy of your first pay cheque. Just like Israel was told to keep telling there children of the stories of Egypt and the desert then so should you remind yourself of your desert period. This is how you fix your focus on God and His grace.
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4. The slap of a Reality Check:

It’s also easy to lose focus when your bubble bursts; when that suddenly ‘perfect’ moment/season of your life starts crumbling around you. When the job you wanted and got suddenly starts draining the life out of you, when your honeymoon is over and you are at each others’ throats, when your investor starts making threats, when your dream home falls through or you have to move cities, when the child you wanted keeps you up at night. The perfection of the moment gets ruined and you suddenly start crumbling, you fall apart crying and weeping to God and asking Him why He is taking your blessing away or why He hasn’t given you the strength or why He is keeping you in that ‘imperfect’ season. We cry to God about our ‘problem’ and we weep about how He should solve it instead of fixing our eyes on His blessing, or His purpose and on His word. We want Him to do it our way instead of us learning to do it His way and growing from it. We want the smooth sailing of comfort because we associate it with blessing but we don’t realize that sometimes imperfections and adversity are actually there to strengthen us,bless us and grow us and make us holier. God isn’t a God of comfort but He does everything to draw us closer to Him and reveal His glory. So start by asking God for His perfect will to be done and start the day with thanksgiving and that will give you perspective.
So what’s made you lose your focus? Is it a storm? A triumph? A moment of weakness? Comfort? Whatever it is, you can regain that today. Start slow but start now. Let your lungs sing, your bones live and your heart rejoice in the Lord once again. Have a splendid week. Like, subscribe and share if this blessed you😊.
Shalom, Kenah

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