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Hey guys so this week I thought I would right about something I am currently going through, the Waiting game. The wait…That dreaded stage of total anticipation yet gnawing doubt and slight fear. That stage we pass off as waiting patiently. That is one of the worst stages in the seasons of life; when you’ve prayed hard, worked hard, lived smart,fasted, engaged with positive thoughts and that’s left is the manifestation. Sometimes you feel stuck, as if you’re in a limbo of sorts. Especially if you’re waiting between seasons of life,like you’re not where you were but not exactly where you’re going or should be.  But you know what’s even harder? When you’re seeing visions or hearing a specific word over and over about what should be happening, about where you’re going, about your new life and you can’t exactly physically see it. When it’s been a while since you had been promised something and yet you’re not seeing anything, at all, like there’s no cloud the size of a man’s hand however often you look or worse, you keep seeing the cloud but never any rain. And it makes you wonder if you’re supposed to be learning something, and when the wait will end. The waiting game really makes you struggle with promises,with the visions and the word that God has told you, with the truth and with hope. Sometimes you wonder if the whole point of Him telling you was to teach you patience and when will you have learned patience…besides what is patience really? And yet other times you wonder if He even spoke to you or were you just envisioning your own things and then forcing God on it. I know this because I’m currently there. I’m struggling with faith and with trusting the process. I know in my spirit that if anything is for me then it will come toe and doors will open up but my head has fed me so much logic and my heart has had so much hope deferred that I can’t really grasp belief anymore. And yet there are times I am sure the door is open and I walk through and find nothing but an empty room. I am trying so hard to hold on to that hope that one day, it will be my turn and that my time is coming when I will receive a blessing that will make me feel as if I am dreaming, for me and my family but then…I just need a new dose of faith.
There’s a light. You may not see it now, but there’s always a light at the end. And when yo do see it, it will be glorious and worth the wait.
  And so I went to God as usual about this and he answered me. I was pointed toward the age old story of Abraham and Sarah. When the mention of God’s promised is written in Genesis 12, Abraham is 75 and it is written that God ‘had said to Abram’ so probably a few months, days or maybe even years before this. And Abraham had obeyed and left his homeland and his people and he eventually left his father(cos he died) and then Lot and yet still by Chapter 16 nothing. He was rich, yes but the one thing he yearned for above all, a child, he wasn’t getting. And yet God kept coming back and affirming His word with Abraham. So by Chapter 16, when he is 87, he and his wife decide to go with plan B which most of us do. They had Ishmael via Haggar the mistress and he actually ends up causing problems for Isaac and in the future his children and the Israelites are in constant battle, even now. But despite this, God still comes back and says that Abraham will have a son and by Chapter 17, he is 99 and he really cannot believe it. Now we know A brag ma had Isaac a year later and we know how miraculous that was but just imagine that 25 year wait, 25!!!! And yet God was faithful and He did fulfill His promise. And yet there’s still those who only had to pray and fast for 3 days like Esther to receive their miracle and people like Elijah who immediately they called down fire, it came and those like Peter who walked on water and Phillip who teleported to the Eunuch and Joseph who waited 13 years to see his dream come true. In our lives right now we have those we prayed with who are already experiencing their blessing and we aren’t, those who fasted with us and got that brilliant idea already and we’re still struggling and can’t catch a break, those who take daring,crazy risks and they always pay off while that one time you decide to do something daring you were burnt and those who were at the same stage/season with us and now are like 100 miles ahead or 500 feet higher than we are and yet we can’t seem to lift off the ground. You may feel like Abraham, like God has surely forgotten you and you are even looking for plan B and trying in your own might and your own wisdom and will while you say you have faith but you’re actions show that you doubt. Or even worse, you are feeling like Joseph, not even one iota of your dream has come true, in fact you keep going from bad to worse to worstest and even when you proclaim your faith it gets you lower and you’re wondering if it’s worth the wait.
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It may feel like you’re constantly sitting by a phone with high hopes waiting for it to ring and it never does. But trust me, at the right time, that phone will ring.
And I was wondering too because, I’m not seeing it. But after reading Abraham’s story and Joseph’s and a couple of verses I realised that it is. The wait isn’t just about sitting with your fingers crossed, your head low or tears streaking your cheeks, it’s about endurance, perseverance, joy and most importantly patience. God calls us to wait patiently, to be still, to hold on to hope that whatever He has promised, whatever His word is, will come to pass. Not to punish us, but to helps us rise above, to glorify Himself and most importantly to give us virtue to be able to handle the enormity of our blessings without getting prideful. Joshua was told that the Israelites would not drive out all the Canaanites out at once because they wouldn’t be able to occupy all the land and it would be too much but also they would get too proud and lose their faith. It was all about small steps, patience. So even when you feel stuck, stagnated or worse, like you’re going backwards, know that there is a path that God is creating for you, there is a journey you are going on. This journey is important for you so wait. And I know it is hard, draining, painful, stressing and can even cause bitterness but the point of the journey is to get all the negative emotions out, to drain the negativity and for you to come out better and stronger. So instead of focusing on the blessing and when it is coming, focus on the Blesser and what He is saying and doing. Let yourself breathe and let yourself enjoy the moment. Don’t rob yourself of a blessing because you got impatient and jumped the gun, don’t make your blessing come with so much burden because you tried to do it your way and ended up with a problem that you can’t fix. I’ve learned that waiting isn’t limbo, it isn’t between seasons or stages, it is a season. It’s a season to acquire the fruit of the spirit, to learn new things and to appreciate all that you have. So today, know that it’s coming, you can hear it, you can feel it and you will see it soon. It’s coming, keep being patient. Wait with hope,faith joy and resilience. Do not complain, do not doubt, do not give up, do not start looking for plan B, just wait. Just wait. Be patient. It’s right there all you have to do is be patient. And I know that is easier said( or in this case written) than done but believe me, that struggle? It is so worth it.
Please keep holding on to hope and keep being faithful in patience. The wait is as important as the blessing.
Did this help you? If it did, please like, share and subscribe. Most importantly please keep holding on. It’s always great sharing from my own experiences so I hope this blessed you. Comment below if you struggle with waiting patiently too. I’ll post again next Wednesday so stay tuned. Much love. Shalom, Kenah

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  1. Shalom Kenah, I love your post. Waiting is so difficult most of the time for all of us but sometimes it is something we must endure to recieve an answer at the end. We all go through experiences that need to be waited upon.

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