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So it’s a new year and I have vowed to post every other weekday on this blog for y’all to read. Whether devotionals, book reviews or just my point of view. And that brings me to today’s topic… New year’s resolutions. Whether you call them goals or resolutions or points of reference, most people have them and we tend to make them at the beginning of a new year, new month or new week. And since 2018 happened to hit all the above boxes…many people sat down and asked themselves about their last year; it’s shortcomings, failures, pains and triumphs and they also asked themselves what they would love to achieve for the new year that is upon us. If you’re wise, you included God in this conversation with yourself and you prayed for your goals and aspirations.
Lessons and living
Always seize the day, resolve to actually live and let live. You either grow and learn or you win and grow.
  So why should you make resolutions/have goals:
  1. They become a reference point for progress
  2. They keep you focused on a mission.
  3. They show you how far you’ve come.
  4. They help you break down your time so as to incorporate all of them.
  5. They are a way to keep you accountable to yourself,your purpose and the people in your life. The above are just 5 of the benefits of having goals for your year and months but there is also a shortcoming in form of obsession and fear. We make these resolutions and they control us, they keep us from living and enjoying life and if we don’t achieve them when we decided we should have, then we feel like failures and we hate ourselves. We go through a time where we don’t make any more resolutions because ‘what’s the point?’ Right? And you feel like you’re behind.
Quiet time
Spend time with God and in His word to know what His plan for your life and to have Him give you direction.
So here are a few guidelines to help you while you make and review your resolutions:
  1. Start with prayer: it’s a spirit session so involve the spirit of God and start with Him. Ask God what He would like from you this year, what is His plan for you, what His will over your life is and write up your goals from that point of view.
  2. Don’t compare yourself to others: whether it is about the fact that Susan lost 50 kilos in 6 months last year or Keith found a job before he even graduated or Margret spoke in tongues and she literally got saved yesterday or John didn’t even pray for a girlfriend and now he’s getting married. Don’t start your session with comparison to other people in your life or online.
  3. Remember it is about growth and not perfection.
  4. Have an accountability partner before hand who you can mention your list to and will ensure you work on achieving them but not get obsessed with them.
  5. Remember it is a personal journey; it’s not what your mum wants or dad thinks or friends are doing or your enemies achieved. It’s between you and God.
  6. Remember your purpose, giftings and talents; if you haven’t connected with your purpose yet then that should be a resolution of yours. Remember it is improvement not creating a whole other you. So find your strengths and grow them and work on your weaknesses.
  7. Remember it’s never that serious: so whether you don’t lose the weight or stay single or don’t get that dream job or promotion or don’t start that business it’s not the end of the world. There’s next time and next year. The only problem would be if you never started. Put your best foot forward and put in effort and then breathe because life never works out exactly as we think it should. So while you write up your goals and break them down per month or per week I hope the above points serve as a reference point for you and I hope they help make the process easier and more fun.
Let yourself dream
This year I resolve to work more, dream more and love more. Basically be better than I was last year.
I’ll share my new year resolutions below so that you all can keep me accountable to them: 1. Put God first always, at all times and in all things.
  1. Love more, love unconditionally,totally and without reserve.
  2. Be in the moment, be present, stop borrowing trouble and worrying about the future.
  3. Travel more.
  4. Make more friends and strengthen my friendships. Overcome my social anxiety and social exhaustion.
  5. Grow closer to God through constant and deep study of His word
  6. Walk by faith and not sight in every aspect of my life.
  7. Write more
  8. Get fitter and healthier. If you feel like you would like someone to share your goals with then feel free to comment below and post them. If this has helped you then like and share with others. And if you haven’t already I would suggest you subscribe to my blog because I have lined up some amazing new things for this year.
Can do
Remember you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.
Much love and light to you guys in this new year. Shalom, Kenah.

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  1. Hi Kenah, thanks for the follow at Chlohemian. I enjoyed this post, all the more because I am trying constantly to convince my ESL students that resolutions are worth writing even if you won’t follow them. 🙂

    1. Thanks…I love your posts and im glad you like mine too….and there is something about writing the vision down that makes it more real so they definitely should

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