Time and Chance

Have you ever felt like some people are just lucky? Like you see their lives and you’re like….if I were even as half as lucky as they are I’d be so far? You know the ones I’m talking about; perfect relationship,got a job before they applied, never add weight or they lose it so fast it leaves your head spinning, they always seems to have great and loyal friends, they are loved by like everyone, they never seem confused and they always find the perfect outfit and have flawless skin. It always seems like things just drop onto their laps or when they work they get immediately rewarded. And it’s even worse when they are nonbelievers or they are ‘Sunday Christians’ like they come to church religiously but the rest of the week they do things that would make the devil blush. We struggle with that feeling of being passed over or ignored or being unworthy when we’ve asked/worked for something and someone else gets it.

I personally struggle with this a lot…like a lot. It’s my greatest battle especially because I have a tendency to overthink then compare then get anxious and stressed and sink into a depression and just when I think I have a handle on it…I start again. I always feel like I’m not enough or I’m too much. Like ‘ I’m too opinionated and stick to my guns too much to actually be in a relationship or I’m just not smart enough for that job or I’m not pretty enough or skinny enough to dress well or I can’t really start that business because there are so many other people better than me. And I sometimes feel like we have to earn our blessings: like get better, more spiritual, be more quiet, more gentle, pray harder and all that to get some things from God because the people I’ve seen with them always seem more spiritually ‘there’ than me.

It’s easy to have our light snuffed out when we focus our energy on our failures, shortcomings, ‘flaws’, disappointments or on other people. Stay focused on God’s promises for He is faithful.

And I know I’m not the only Christian who struggles with that. We are so used to earning people’s pride, love and acceptance that we think it’s the same with God. Whether it’s parents, teachers, friends or bosses….we’ve always had to prove ourselves worthy of their very attention let alone their love and gifts. And when we see non believers prospering, especially those who are just so wicked, we question whether it’s really suppose to happen to us or maybe we’re just meant to be average and mildly pleased. This sense of despair can cloud our minds and block our faith and hope and we go through life with a ‘Que Sera sera’ attitude – whatever will be, will be. And we mask it as ‘ if God wills it’ or ‘ let go and let God’ or ‘ God has a plans’ or whatever spiritual sounding statement we can come up with to hide the fact that we really have no hope and we’ve stopped caring what happens.
At the end of last year, I lead a study on God’s riches and I had to answer a question on why the ‘bad guys’ always seem to have it together. And as the spirit led, I was reminded of the verse that says the sun shines on both the righteous and the wicked and also that God places gifts and talents in everyone irregardless of faith. And I made the guys realize that everyone has gifts and we all have opportunities to succeed it’s just what we do with them. But also, that time runs out on the wicked; their talents are taken away, they lose their minds, they meet someone more wicked, they lose their blessings to their bad habits like gambling and drunkardness and at some point. So that is why David tells us to not fret when the wicked succeed because God does punish and there are consequences to every action.
In His time He makes all things beautiful so be patient and most importantly keep your head and faith up.

Which then led us to other believers?Do we earn our blessings? And the answer was no. We discovered that yes, there are conditional blessings like when the Israelites were told in the desert that they had to keep the commandments for them to prosper in the land and Abraham was told to leave his home town and then God would make him into a great nation. But these are specific kinds and to specific people for that specific time and God always states the exact conditions. We realized that most of His blessings are based on the fact that He loves us and wants the best for us. So it’s not about how hard and long you work or how much you kill yourself, or how skinny you are or if people like you. It’s His love and what you do with time and chance.
Time is the appointed moment God has for you to receive/achieve something or get somewhere which people call fate. That exact moment you are meant to meet that person who could fund your idea or your soulmate at a stop light. It’s a divine appointment that only God knows. It’s when the door opens. And chance is about opportunity or what some people call luck ( which it’s not). It’s now when that door opens, do you walk through it? Do you talk to that person? Do you take that free hour to study? Do you take the time to fast? These things do not happen coincidentally or by mistake, they are God’s divine way of showing you that your time has come. The way Vashti was thrown out of the palace and Esther just happened to be one of the young virgins, the way the cup bear just happened to remember Joseph after 2 years of forgetting him, the way God and the 2 angels just happened to be walking by Abraham’s tent that day he was told he’d have a son by next year. You see, without that chance or coincidence or alignment, these guys would not have known it was their time, their season.
God always grants the desires of our heart if we delight in Him because then our will fades away and is replaced by His will and desires

Our Pastor told us that it’s the year of Divine appointments. It’s your season this year, you better know that as you write up your resolutions and workout and hurry hurry around. If you’ve been feeling left out then know it is finally your turn; to be lifted up, for something to turn around, for your potential to be released. It’s not that you’re not blessed or you’re unlucky it’s just that it wasn’t the time for that to be fulfilled in your life. But now it’s time so whatever you think is coincidence or is chance is your sign that it is time. It is your time. So be open to the signs, ensure your relationship with God is at it’s best and closest so that He can reveal to you the signs, be alert. Something great is happening even in the midst of crisis and it’s up to you to notice your moment. Don’t waste it.
What have you been trusting God for? Maybe for days, months or years, decades even? What is your heart’s desire? What was last year’s greatest disappointment? Write these things down, pray over them, give them to God and watch out for the signs because you don’t want to be passed by opportunity.

“I have seen something else under the sun: The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all.” ~King Solomon -Ecclesiastes 9:11

Hope this blessed you loves. Keep the faith up…I know it feels like you’re a year older and 5 steps back but it’s turning around for you. It’s your turn to go up and not down.

Keep hope alive


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