Trust your journey

Look at you, you’re so young.
Yet you’re stressed ,depressed and carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.
You’re weary and tired as if you’ve lived 10 lives already.
Your heart is so battered and bruised and yet it hasn’t even known true love yet.
You’re so lost in maze you put yourself in
while trying so hard to build yourself.
You’ve been working hard but towards what?
You’ve been loving totally but who have you been giving your love?
Look at you.
Struggling so hard to ‘have your life figured put’
Fighting with every breath to ‘make it’
You’re crying yourself to sleep because you can’t find something that will get you there or put you on the map.
You can’t enjoy life or your friends’ achievements because you’re so focused on beating them or getting better.
Why aren’t you focused on living?
What do you mean ‘figure it out’?
Where is the ‘there’ you want to get to?
And who told you all these things have to be done now, or in the next 2,5 or even 10 years?
Who are you racing against? And why are you so determined to beat them?
Why is this fight important to you?
Can’t you just focus on who you are, who you’re meant to be, and see the reat unfold as you grow?
Does it have to be this way?
Look at you so focused on everyone’s opinions of you.
“What will they think of me? Why aren’t they applauding me? They won’t think it’s right.”
You’re making life’s decisions based on group psyche and silent peer pressure
You are stuck trying to please them, fit in with them, be like them, not abandon them that you forgot about you.
But worst of all you forget about God and what he has put before you and in you to be accomplished.

Struggling to climb up a mountain you were meant to move. Struggling to cross a sea you were meant to walk on. ~kenahcatalogs

Look at you so afraid of being alone that you’re stuck in a crowd you don’t like with people who don’t even value you.
You’re limiting yourself from progressing because you don’t want to lead the pack,
you don’t want to be weird, to be alone.
You’re refusing a job, an investment, a relationship, a move just because no one else is with you.
But then you forget that God is with you,
that he will NEVER leave or forsake you
and that this journey is yours, yours alone.
You are not being intentional about your life;
Maybe because you think life is not worth living,
or you struggle with your identity and your purpose
or you’ve tried and tried and tried and nothing has panned out.
Maybe because you really do think that the job, the degree, the business, the followers and whatever else you’re pursuing so hard will bring you happiness.
You’re existing, you’re breathing but barely and you aren’t living.
But you have to make an intentional decision today that you will have life and life in abundance;
Not because you have ‘figured life out’ or you’re ‘going somewhere’ or you’re well liked or you have a band of people behind you,
but because God is within you, because He loves you and because he gave up his life for you.
You are not alone, you are not lost, you are not verified by the amount of people around you.
Let that sink and sink deep,
let his love overwhelm you and overshadow any doubt or fear you may have.
Let God map your life out for you; you will never see the whole picture, sometimes the views will be great and other times you will travel through places that make you cringe, but you can be sure he will never steer you wrong. ~Kenahcatalogs

And from there, ask the creator to guide you,
to show you your path, your calling, your journey
and start taking it with confidence even when the picture doesn’t make sense or is incomplete.
Start from wherever you are, start today.
Keep going even when the road is rough or when everyone else seems to have figured it out.
Do what pleases him,
do what you were made to do.
Live a life that is fulfilling and makes you happy.
Draw your power from the cross and keep moving
even when you are alone, even when you feel as if you’re behind,even when everyone else has taken another road.
Take the road not travelled.
Trust your journey,
Trust your God.
Hope this encourages you loves. There is a timing, season and reason for everything. Stop thinking and believe, stop stressing and let God. Trust. Click that like button and share if you loved this. Comment below any topics you’d like me to cover or any questions you have for me. Subscribe if you haven’t already.
Shalom, Kenah.


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