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What is love? ( A sorta love Poem)

Ask most people these days about love and they tell you about heartbreak.
They talk about pain, unrequited feelings and unfaithfulness.
They talk about abandonment,lies and empty promises.
They tell you about abused trust, abused bodies and shame.
They tell you of trying so hard only to be ridiculed and left for broken.
Most people are so cynical about love that even if it is offered free of charge and without strings they still wait for the other shoe to drop.
And no one can blame you, I mean our experiences with so called ‘love’ have been terrible.
We all know of the boy who gave his heart to a girl and she slept with all his friends and walked all over it.
We hear of the children whose mother told them she loved them only to abandon them to be raised by nannies, phones and tv screens.
We all see stories of the little girl who out of love was convinced by her uncle to let him touch her inappropriately and was defiled.
We know of the woman who gave her all to a man, loved and respected him and out of ‘love’ he beat her and threatened her.
We have all given of our very hearts, of our time and of our resources to someone who then acted like it meant nothing.
We know so acutely of the bitter taste that love brings.

Yet the stories keep coming, the memories keep flooding our subconscious
Girls who were raped by ‘loving’ boyfriends and told it was normal.
Mothers left by ‘loving’ husbands to fend for their children while they pursued other women.
Men who were left high, dry and broke after a woman claimed love and then drained them and left.
We know the ache of so called ‘love’
We have felt the cold hand of lust masquerading as love as it wrapped itself around our waists.
We have experienced the steel blade of pride and betrayal as they cut through our back and called it love.
We have intimate knowledge of the bitter pill of lies that we have swallowed in the name of love.
We write stories about it, read poems about it, listened to songs on repeat about how normal that is.
We know heartbreak, we know pain, we know disappointment, we know tragedy, we know abuse and we know lust.
But the truth is so many of us do not know love.
We have heard of it, maybe even believe we have it or are experiencing it,
but we have not truly come to the heart-stoping, life-spinning, gut-wrenching truth and acceptance of what love really is,
Of WHO love is.
Love is acceptance;
of your crazy, obsessive mind that tends to run wild with worry and worst case scenarios.
Love is healing;
Of your weary heart that is so battered, bruised and jaded it can’t recognize real anymore.
Love is restoration;
of a wounded soul that doesn’t believe anymore.
Love is beautifying;
of a body that is always on extremes; extremely dedicated and controlled or extremely lost and wild
Love is uplifting;
Of a person so lost they can’t recognize themselves anymore.
Love is sacrifice;
The total laying down of life for another with full knowledge that they could reject you, disown you, deny you and forget you.
Love is a conviction;
a decision to see it through the best and worst of times.
Love is God because God is love.
You cannot “fall out of love”;
you either always love that person or you never did. Just like God has loved us from the beginning.
Love is a weapon;
destroying hate, malice,anger,lust and any other ill thing.
Love is never pain, it’s never late, it’s never abuse and it’s never selfish.
Love is everything that God is;
Just, peaceable, pure, total, true,right and admirable.

So if you feel like love hurts, then know it isn’t love
And if you can’t celebrate human love
then celebrate the love of God.
Rejoice in his grace, mercy, blessings and presence.
Let his love wash over you, surround you and flow out of you.
Let his love show you how to love yourself
and then celebrate who you are , who you’re becoming and who his love has made you to be.
And then love all those around you remembering that love is free.
Love is patient, love is kind.
Love does not envy, it does not boast.
Love is never proud. It never disrespects others.
Love is not self-seeking, and neither is it easily angered.
Love keeps no record of wrongs.
Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.
Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
Love never fails.
1 Corinthians 13:4‭-‬8a
Hope this reminded you guys of what exactly love is… Your love story doesn’t have to invlove pain but can be triumphant. So love God, love yourself and love others and trust me, it will come back to you seven fold. Celebrate love.
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Shalom, Kenah.

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