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Action… the thrill of the chase, the depth of the mystery, your blood pumping, your head pumping, your heart racing and then “Hey!” someone yells at you and you fight the urge to punch them in surprise, horror or anger. That is the thing about action books, unlike the TV series or movies, you get to imagine the story for yourself; picture the characters described, live in the places and root for the good guys all without getting out of bed and no WiFi. I love me some good thriller/action books, not too gory and with just the right amount of romance without it being too mushy and we are a go. I get quite a good workout from just sitting there and reading because I sweat so much, shuffle around and put the book down in total shock like five times. I love it especially if there is a christian theme to it; no cuss words, no sex scenes, no vulgar scenes, no brutality or gore and most definitely a redeeming and calming end. So if you love action books or have a friend/son/nephew/daughter/niece or spouse who would die for a good thrill then I would definitely recommend this list. So read and share it and if you’ve read these books, comment below what you thought of them. No spoilers ;D The next part will be posted next week so be sure to look out for it and have a fantastic new month of March.

1. The Homelanders – Andrew Klavan

Stephen King hailed this guy as “the most original crime and suspense novelist since Cornell Woolrich”. I mean talk about high praise! And trust me, he has earned it. He had my 13 year old brother who hates novels turning pages, missing meals and soccer just to finish the first of the books. There are four books in the series though I have only read two and know that the third one that is making the rounds in our house but I can tell you, what I have read so far has me grappling for air. It’s about this teenage boy, Charlie West, who wakes up in someone else’s nightmare, or so he thinks, and wonders how to get out alive. he doesn’t know who to trust and he doesn’t know whose side to be on and accused of something he cannot remember. These books are excellent, thrilling and adrenaline-pumping. It is great for teenagers but ain’t we all teenagers by heart? I would actually recommend it for teen boys because it will keep their mind occupied, teach them valuable lessons and keep them out of trouble. Definitely get this for a teenage/young adult boy in your life.

2.Nick Barret Series -Sigmund Brouwer

Sigmund is great with writing fantasy novels ( a whole other list) but he is also super amazing with psychological thrillers. He knows how to build suspense and yet leave a story at a merciful end and in the process teach about God’s grace and redemption. Nick Barrett is a private investigator whose story we find starts when a girl from the wrong side of Charleston tries to sell a 17th century painting that had been stolen 30 years ago. He then gets entangled with a woman trying to free herself and her child from a cult and Nick thus has to start a journey back not only to his hometown, but to his own hate-filled past to unearth mysteries of his life and of God’s grace as he tries to save the lives of others. There are three books in total and they are such a fast,deeply engaging tale of intrigue that you cannot help but eat it up and ask for more. You definitely want to start on them and they are great for anyone above 15 really unless you scare easily 🙂

3. The Storm Series – Rene Gutteridge

Now this series is by a woman which I think half of the list will be by(I didn’t even realize I had chosen like that) and it all centers around Mick Kline. He wakes up in an empty apartment belonging to a woman he may have slept with, hangover and not at all aware of how much his life is about to change. He becomes the prime suspect in a murder case and his only help will have to come from his estranged christian brother who happens to be a cop and so he runs; from the case, from his family, from his past and from God. As he gets deeper lost in the dangers, he has to face the fact that only God knows the truth and only God can set him free. You will definitely want to follow the three books – Storm Gathering, the splitting storm and Storm Surge – to the end to see how Mick Kline, adult partier and womanizer, turns out and how his story pens out through the years. It is a fast-paced suspense and takes you on a roller coaster ride. The story is excellent and I would recommend it to adults, only because some of the questions grappled with may not have occurred to younger people. Key word is may, because I read these books at 17 and I most definitely connected with them so go ahead and buy them for a teenager near you.

4. Team Hope – Susan May Warren

I love how Susan writes because there is always so much heart in it, so if you want to go deep into your feelings, I suggest you get this series. Flee the night, Escape to morning and Expect the sunrise follow the members of Team Hope, a special rescue team in their deeply thrilling yet personal stories. They all have different jobs like Green Beret, Search and Rescue and emergency rescue pilot but they come together in times of true crisis. The series begins with team leader by default Micah who has been contacted by NSA fugitive Lacey Montogemery, the love of his life and wife of his best friend who also happens to be an ex-CIA operative and a murderer and liar…apparently, to help her hide her daughter but he ends up going with her on the adventure of a lifetime. Follow them as they rush to clear both their names among other things in the romantic thriller. If you love romance mixed in with your suspense then this series is for you.

5. Uncommon Heroes – Dee Henderson

Again, if you like romance with your thriller novel, Dee Henderson is your girl. She may be less touchy-feely than Susan May Warren though but still gets just as deep. the four books in the series, each following a different set of people with demanding and courageous jobs; from FBI agent to Navy SEAL to Fighter Pilot, CIA agent and fifth grade teacher. The books are riveting and totally worth the read. Each story is weaved perfectly until you feel exactly what they feel and experience the battle field with them. They appeal to the fighter, the patriot and the human in as all so definitely give them a try.
Hope you guys have gotten some good new reads to occupy your time and if you have read all the ones on today’s list, I hope you’ll check out next week’s continuation of the same list so please do follow the blog to get a notification when I post it up. Comments are most welcome if you have read the books or would like any more book lists put up. Like if this totally helped and share it with someone who will need it.
Much love and light to you, Shalom, Kenah

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