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Something I have learned throughout my life is that my tongue has a lot of power. James says the tongue is a spark that can set an entire forest on fire. And yet most times I forget. In the name of self depreciating jokes or being ‘real’, I get lost in spewing negative words. And I know am not the only one; we find ourselves saying things like ‘it’s ok I’m just average’ and ‘I don’t care, I’m a savage.’ And all this is in the name of being ok with who you are and being real. We forget that what we speak will always come to life, I mean God created the entire universe with words. And from then on, the precedent was set that our words will rule our lives. It is when you confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that you get saved,like for real. You escape hell and get eternal life through WORDS! This means that our words are fire, they are immortal and cannot be buried or burned. That is why we remember the words people say, what they told us. You can bury it down but when you least expect it, those words resurface and suddenly you’re a 35 year old starting a business but feeling like 5 year old you whose nanny said you will never amount to anything. That’s how strong words are. So I’ve come to realize that in order to live a more faith-filled and positive life, I need to take a word fast and only speak faith or encouragement.
Reading life, thinking life, speaking life
I’ve seen that my words can be death, killing my self esteem, my worth, my talent, my fervor and zeal, my potential and even the people around me. I can get so used to being ‘real’ that I forget that what I speak comes to life. So the whole telling myself that I’m basic or saying my voice is weird or I can’t do that or I’ll never go there is not just words, it sets my destiny because somewhere, my subconscious believes it. Now many people will say but that is a fact or that is the reality but as a Christian I know that my truth is not of this world but THE truth of God and I need to speak it forth. Just like Ezekiel in the valley of the dry bones (Ezekiel 37:1-10) and Elijah during the drought and Jesus in the storm or feeding the 5000 or calling forth Lazarus. The first step may be thinking positive ( read about that here) but the second and most vital step is speaking the faith and light.
Words may seem harmless but they are a seed and very soon their fruit will overrun your life.
So therefore I am learning to speak faith and pray that the dead bones come alive. Is the job hard? Yes but am I going to make it? Yes! Not maybe not no not everyone else hasn’t but yes. Is my hair haywire? Yes but does that make me ugly? No, I am fearfully and wonderfully made. And even in truly impossible looking situations, I will speak light and the positive word of God. Yes the doctor has said that it is incurable or they’ll never wake up but I will keep speaking the life and health of God on the person until the are given it, whether on this earth or in heaven. Imagine that all those miracles that were done, were done by the word; casting out demons, bringing people to life, healing the sick, multiplying food etc. So be oh so careful with your words.
“Your words are the fruit of your thoughts and your life is the manifestation of your words. Therefore as you watch your thoughts and guard your heart, ensure that you speak only faith and light” ¬©kenahcatalogs
This proves that life and death are in the tongue and you can spend your time stating facts or the word of God. You can be ‘real’ or be actually real because the spiritual is more real than the physical. So this week ( and the rest of your life ?) take a word fast and be intentional with your words. Don’t just say the first thing that comes to mind but critically think through each word before you say it. You’ll be shocked at how much negativity flows from you in the name of being blunt or real, you’ll also see a marked improvement in your mood as you speak better you will be brighter, less anxious and less depressed. This goes for the words we listen to also, whether from friends, videos, music or movies. Those words are being spoken into our lives and they do change us and make an impact. Words are the fruit of your thoughts Therefore, from now on ensure that: 1. You only speak life 2. Your words be based on faith and not fear or fact 3. You use your words out loud to cancel any plans the enemy has for you or any negativity brought around by people around you. 4. You only speak words of encouragement and those that uplift others. 5. You only listen to messages of renewal and life in Christ; whether in music, series, movies, YouTube videos 6. You check those around you and try to surround yourself with those who speak life. Unless it’s inevitable (eg family) in which case everytime they speak contrary to your faith then you speak to yourself the word of God to cancel out the negativity. 7. Only speak in terms of progress; don’t say you failed, say that this method did not work, I’ll try a new one. Don’t say you will die alone say that the people who are my destiny helpers and my companion are still being revealed to me. 8. don’t repeat any negative words you hear or read, even if it was just a joke or a meme just don’t rehash then to yourself or others so that you only spread light. 9. Take time to really think before you say anything when you are angry, disappointed, sad or in pain. These emotions tend to cloud your judgement but also so easily drown you. 10. Always remember that words live forever but more so the word of God. So speak forth God’s word even though you cannot see it or comprehend how and avoid speaking words that are contrary to His promise and teaching. Hope this has put your words in perspective for you and if so, click that like button then proceed to click the share button and bless your friends and family. If you haven’t already, follow my blog and I promise not to spam you. Love and light to you, Shalom, Kenah

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