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To My Mother

Hey guys! Hope your month is going spectacularly and if not, hope you are keeping your faith up and holding on. We are coming up to the second Sunday of May and you know what it is!!! I may fight and disagree with my mother and think about moving out but my love for her is one of the realest and most true loves that I have. However crazy life gets, I will always have nothing but respect and love for my mother. We may disagree on some things and have different views on life but I will always hold her in the highest regards possible. I sometimes wish we would remember to celebrate mothers everyday. Mother here being a woman who has nurtured and nourished you, sacrificed for your good, made you better and strengthened you not just someone who gave birth to you. So if for whatever reason you cannot celebrate the woman who gave you birth, then celebrate the woman/women who have nurtured you to who you are today. It being Mother’s Day tomorrow, I figured I should write a little piece to my mother and hopefully you can share it with yours through the various forms below.

On this international day I would like to thank you:
For sacrificing your body and allowing God to nurture life within you.
For the strength to go through the physical and emotional exhaustion of carrying life.
For the perseverance to endure the pain and labor of childbirth
For patience to keep odd hours and have constant feelings
For the confidence to forget your appearance in order to ensure I was healthy and happy.
For the selfness in putting your own interests and passions on the back burner to give time to teaching and discplining me.

I want to celebrate you
For your faith when all hope was lost
For your love when I didn’t deserve it
For your tender care when I grew weary
For your discipline when I raised hell
For your prayers over my life
For your resilience in the bad times
For you true joy at my small achievements
For your motivational speeches and lectures that kept me on the right path.

You read me the same stories and listened to the same songs day in and day out and not once complained.
You helped me study and reviewed my work for years and years and have never asked for anything in return.
You’ve let me cry on your shoulders and wiped my tears on multiple occasions.
You have kept your arms open, your eyes alert and your ears attentive through every season of my life.
You have prayed and fasted for me, sacrificed your needs for my wants.
You have carried me through, both physically and emotionally, even when you were tired and weary.
You have helped me grow my character, my confidence and my endurance.

I pray that you keep growing and glowing,
I pray that God rewards you for your selfless sacrifice.
I hope that you never grow weary and tired of doing good and that you realize that even when I do not say it, I appreciate you.
I hope that the rest of your life is filled with laughter and joy
I pray that your sleepless nights shall be restricted along with everything you’ve lost so as to keep me.
I pray that your strength and youth are renewed and that you always feel beautiful.
I pray that you will receive the love that you are constantly giving out
I pray that your faith never dies and your hope remains alive.

Happy Mother’s day mama and a happy mother’s day to all other mothers; both future and current, either biological or spiritual. We celebrate you. We would be nothing without you. Have a magnificent and blessed day and keep being the best.

And for all who are hoping to be a mother soon or someday, hold on to hope and grow yourself. Work on you so that you have the strength to work on others.

Much love and light to you,
Shalom, Kenah.

Hey there! I am Makenah, a passionate believer, writer, avid reader, poetess, wannabe globetrotter and amateur programmer. I enjoy dancing, listening to music, reading, cooking, travelling and eating. I started this blog as a way to share my journey through life; the pitfalls, the strengths, the beauty and passion, the pain, the beautiful places I go and people I meet and most importantly the triumph of grace in life. I do this so that through my sharing my journey, you can learn to embrace yours and trust the process of becoming who God created you to be and stop obsessing over 'making it' and 'being someone' or 'getting there' but realizing that life is a journey to be taken and enjoyed and the things and accomplishments are not a final destination but a pit stop on your way to forever. So sign up and join me, you won't regret it! And feel free to interact with me either via social media or in the comment section Love and light to you, Shalom, Kenah.

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