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Uh…Change of plans?

Hey! So life has been happening and it’s kinda hard to keep a schedule but dedication has made me change the way I was doing things and start doing things differently, you know a change of plans. And from this experience and others in my life is where I draw my new blog post.

So have you ever been doing something again and again and it’s not giving you the results you wanted? Like a diet/workout plan? A study plan? A job hunt? A relationship strategy? Or simply a set of alarms to wake you up? Or even a hair care routine? We all have had a thing we do a certain way expecting to get a certain result only to be completely thrown and sometimes we just stop and give up, and other times we try harder, do it again but with more fire. But what about when you have given your all over and over and are still not moving forward? What then?

We are told that when the plan doesn’t work, change the plan but never the goal which is really good advice – for goals that are God’s plan. This works when you know that the career path is truly your calling and passion so you may just need to go about it differently, apply to different organizations, try it in a different place. It works when you know you’re meant to get married and therefore maybe you change the way you date, who you date and the types of relationships you surround yourself with. You see, changing the plan may be hard and require some reflection but it’s ultimately simple and most of the time produces results; you get a job, you lose some weight, you get good grades. Once you look at your current plan critically and observe it to see it’s flaws and then address them, you more or less get results… Right?

But what if not? What about those times where every change of plan produces more or less the same results? You did all the diets,different meal plans and ‘lifestyle changes’ , you even changed your workout plan, type and time but you don’t drop more than 5 kilos, infact you add weight. There are times when however much we change the plan, the goal is still far from our reach and we are just exhausted and depressed.

Sometimes you need to plant new seeds, other times you need a plant the same seeds in different soil.

It’s in times like this that we need to change the goal. And unachieved goal isn’t always sign of failure or lack of commitment on your part, it could be a sign of a wrong path. Maybe you didn’t get any job because you’re in the wrong field or you’re supposed to start a business or move to a different country. Maybe you didn’t lose weight because you got unhealthier and you were supposed to focus on health and not a number on a scale. Maybe you aren’t passing that course because you aren’t even meant to be studying for that degree. Sometimes it is our goals that have to change and not our plans. You see,the unachieved goal is a locked door, a place or destination that God does not want you to go and therefore he is trying to get your attention and have you stop and listen to him to direct you.

You may be completely lost and you don’t know or you are just being stubborn or you took a wrong turn on the right path

That is the thing about goals, they are never set in eternity; they can be erased, they can shift, they can change. We are human and therefore we are constantly changing. So yes you wanted to be a doctor at the beginning of college but 3 years into pre-med you realize that you really only liked the title ‘Dr’ or you only like teeth, you are allowed to change your goal to reflect the growth in your life. It doesn’t mean you have failed or are lazy or aren’t smart or strong or lack self control( in the case of diet) it means you have grown and have more information and are wiser therefore your new goal reflects that. You can be vegan for 3 months only to discover your body really needs red meat, like for health reasons and not just taste.

My point is, give yourself a break. So it hasn’t worked for the 15th time? Maybe you need a new set of eyes to help you form a new goal? Or maybe you need a modified plan? Or an entire new one? You’re not going to figure it out by beating yourself up and working yourself to the bone, you need to take a step back, stop on the side path and recalculate.

Your GPS could need to be reconfigured, maybe you lost network and contact with the satellite (God) or maybe you’ll discover a whole new route to where you need to go or you could realize you don’t really want to go there anymore.


So if you’re at that point in your life, you are going to be just fine, breathe.

Hope this blessed you and helped you, if it did, hit that like button and share it with your family and friends. Comment below your current change of plan…Or goal 😊

Much love and light to you,

Shalom, Kenah.

Hey there! I am Makenah, a passionate believer, writer, avid reader, poetess, wannabe globetrotter and amateur programmer. I enjoy dancing, listening to music, reading, cooking, travelling and eating. I started this blog as a way to share my journey through life; the pitfalls, the strengths, the beauty and passion, the pain, the beautiful places I go and people I meet and most importantly the triumph of grace in life. I do this so that through my sharing my journey, you can learn to embrace yours and trust the process of becoming who God created you to be and stop obsessing over 'making it' and 'being someone' or 'getting there' but realizing that life is a journey to be taken and enjoyed and the things and accomplishments are not a final destination but a pit stop on your way to forever. So sign up and join me, you won't regret it! And feel free to interact with me either via social media or in the comment section Love and light to you, Shalom, Kenah.

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