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Why you need to let go – A lesson in faith and growth

Hey people!!! It’s World cup season… Finally!!! And Father’s day is literally just right round the corner too. And exam season is over, flu season has begun (in Kenya) and I am living by God’s grace only. So last weekend I went rock climbing for the first time in my entire 22 years of life and let me tell you, it is harder than you think. I thought I was a strong and relatively fit girl until I couldn’t conquer a 5.7, which is the 2nd level BTW, and I was struggling to hold myself to the wall. Also, I found out I have an extreme fear of heights so that contributed to the fact that I only made it up 1.6 levels. But this trip was very important to me in that it challenged my fitness and made me up the ante on my workouts but it also challenged by thinking, my perception and it definitely motivated this week’s blog post.

So I start this blog asking you “Why haven’t you let go of that which God has called you out of”? “Why are you still clinging to the same lever, fighting the same battles, staying in the same place?”

Try something new. Grow yourself. Expand your perspective

The thing about trying new things is that they shift your perspective and reveal new truths to you or remind you of old ones you shoved down. Anything new be it food, drink, activity, a place, music, a book, a job, an acquaintance or a challenge is something that broadens your mind and opens your horizons up just a little more. You see a different side of the world, you discover a new way of thinking or even how to reach people who before couldn’t be.

So while I was hanging by the rope after pulling myself up for what seemed like 100th time, the instructor said “To reach the next one you’ll need to let go of the one you’re on and grab up” which seemed easy considering I had done it already but that was when the next one was at my nose and so the reaching didn’t need to be too far up and the letting go wasn’t even noticeable. But this time, this time it wasn’t. The next grabbing thing was so far up that even if I stretched up I couldn’t reach it and to get it I would have to also release my right leg and basically swing with one side of my body up. By this point my arms were tired, my legs were in an awkward angle, I was afraid of the height and so it didn’t matter that I had a safety harness that was strapped to a strong man standing on the ground who would not only gently bring me down if I so chose, but would catch me if I fell and had personally vetted the integrity of the rope. All that mattered is that letting go was the last thing I would do. I was fine where I was, I’d come more than I thought I would even so why try harder? Besides, I could come back again and do it then.

Letting go can give you a fresh start you didn’t even know you needed

It was later as I watched my little sister and her friends as they scurried up a 5.8 then a 5.9 that I realized what I had just denied myself. I’d been too afraid to let go that I hadn’t even finished the level and I couldn’t move up to another. I had been too afraid that I would fall that I never got too far up. I had doubted my instructor who already knew how it would end and leaned on my own wisdom and this denied myself the feeling of conquering another challenge. I had let my fear control me, my pain overwhelm me, my comfort guard me and my struggle define me.

That’s the thing about letting go, it’s scary but God never calls you to let go of something only to give you something worse or to embarrass you or destroy you but he calls us to let go to give us more, greater and better things. That’s why he commands us to have faith like a child, because children are unaffected by the so called ‘realities’ of life that hinder adults from moving to the next level. These ‘truths’ are not THE TRUTH, they are just facts but they are not faith. Sometimes letting go is easy because you can see what you are supposed to grab an you can easily reach it. The pizza is right there so you release the glass, the door is right there so you leave your umbrella, the floor is right under your nose so you step down, the college is offering you a full scholarship and good amenities and so you go, the job is good pay and starts immediately and so you take it.

Free yourself from the prison of comfort

But what about those times when the promise is far? Or worse, unseen? Why would you let go if you cannot reach or cannot even see what you are making space for? Why would you break up with that guy when there is no other guy waiting around that you can see even if that relationship is wrong for you? Why would you give up that job when you have no other prospects even if you will have to compromise some of your values to have it? Why would you leave your hometown, your family, your safety to go to a land unknown when you have no back up plan even if God is calling you? Why let go??

Here are a few reasons to let go when you cannot bring yourself to:

1. God is already at the end and if he says it all works out for your good, you best believe it because he has seen it.
2. A miracle is always on the other side of fear, never forget that.
3. Faith is rewarded.
4. Comfort is the enemy of progress so when in doubt, remind yourself that you are growing not staying the same.
5. It hurts because you are getting stronger.
6. God is not a liar, he didn’t lie to Abraham, Moses,Joshua,Mary or any other person he called out to walk into deep waters. He always keeps his promise.
7. You are not living to please people but to please God. It’s not about being a good feminist, politically correct, instafamous or even being classified as a good person by others but about obedience to God’s will for YOUR life.
8. It gets better as you go higher.
9. The view from the top is worth the uncertainty and pain.
10. It’s about Progress and not perfection. This is for those who have walked the unknown path and gotten lost, walked on waters only to start drowning, let go only to fall. Keep moving, keep letting go of comfort and reaching for purpose. Don’t stop because you haven’t gotten it for the 3rd or 10th or 16th time, keep reaching up. There is a lesson in the ‘failures’ , there is a step up in the broken stones and there is definitely a promise and life among the dead bones

So for all those in a season where God is calling you to let go, here is a little motivation for you. Remember, it gets better as you go on.

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Shalom, Kenah.

Hey there! I am Makenah, a passionate believer, writer, avid reader, poetess, wannabe globetrotter and amateur programmer. I enjoy dancing, listening to music, reading, cooking, travelling and eating. I started this blog as a way to share my journey through life; the pitfalls, the strengths, the beauty and passion, the pain, the beautiful places I go and people I meet and most importantly the triumph of grace in life. I do this so that through my sharing my journey, you can learn to embrace yours and trust the process of becoming who God created you to be and stop obsessing over 'making it' and 'being someone' or 'getting there' but realizing that life is a journey to be taken and enjoyed and the things and accomplishments are not a final destination but a pit stop on your way to forever. So sign up and join me, you won't regret it! And feel free to interact with me either via social media or in the comment section Love and light to you, Shalom, Kenah.

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