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Modesty: the current faux pas

I decided that I’ll be posting some very real articles here at least once a month and why not start already. I recently came across a really interesting article. Nicki Minaj (a secular rapper) was interviewed about a new album she is writing and she said and I quote “I wrote a song that tells girls that it is OK to keep your legs closed.” And in the interview she goes on to say how she struggled how to put the message out because she of course is very open and loves to be as close to naked as she can get but she has also seen the extremely negative effects it has had on her reputation and she wanted to explain to girls that you can be empowered and still keep yourself covered. She said that she struggled to word this in a way that is non-offensive and wouldn’t be considered slut-shaming.

This of course comes on the wings of the various news articles and opinion desks that said the new Duchess, Her royal highness Meghan, would miss the ‘California dressing’ and that she should bring some ‘modern and feminist freedoms’ into the palace customs and dressing. But after seeing how modest she dresses and even her wedding gown was, they went on to say how she was being ‘forced by the Queen to conform and take Duchess lessons’ and this was pointed out as a negative thing. Women all over were asked if they would give up their dressing for love or any position and many said no. Which brings me to today’s blog post: When did modesty become offensive?

In today’s world sex equals power and how naked you are shows how open, empowered and enlightened you are. As women, we are expected to dismantle the patriarchy by dressing as close to naked as we can get because ‘ we shouldn’t be enslaved to modesty just because a man cannot control himself’ . Even Christian girls are now encouraged to show as much skin as they can because we are free and God doesn’t look at the outside but at the heart. Yet our muslim sisters still remain very modest as a sign of respect to their God.

So why is modesty such a sticky topic today? Why are women more offended by being told to wear clothes or cover up than they are at being called derogatory names in music and movies as terms of endearment? I mean, we even dance to this music, share it, vote for it and as women we sing about ourselves like that.

Is being modest really being enslaved or being subservient? I mean, look at women who have real power; the presidents, queens, CEOs of fortune 500 companies, Duchesses, Countesses, Ladies and Baronesses, First Ladies. Case study being Michelle Obama who is very hard to hate. She is fashionable, beautiful and yet very modest. Even the newest people’s princess started dressing very differently once she was engaged to Harry not for love, but for power. She now has more exposure, her career is amazing and she runs in the same circles as the most powerful and influential people in the world.

You’re a queen darling, stop letting these jokers undress you and these pawns have free access to your body

Why is it that women would rather be a Kim Kardashian than a Katherine? More a Nicki Minaj than a Michelle Obama? Why is it that we would rather be famous than powerful? Because if we really observed the world, power is not given to those who are proud to show their bodies but those who are proud to use their minds to change the world.

I think we need to start asking ourselves why are we getting so offended by modesty? Why do we feel like being told to dress proper means that we are being caged? And why do we feel the need to share our skin with the whole world? Are we really that desperate for approval? Or are we so starved of attention that we feel the need to draw it to ourselves? Is it true empowerment to show yourself and not care? And again, words are there to define things so we cannot reclaim a word when it clearly has a definition. So if we are so against being called sluts, why do we invite the name by how we dress, how we talk about ourselves and the music we love? If we really want to change the conversation why not prove that we are more than our bodies by completely removing them from the conversation? Or if being naked is truly empowering why are we still so afraid of being labelled sluts?

Basically, I think the whole naked empowerment thing has too many holes in the theory and does not serve to address the areas where women are actually oppressed. We have so much more to give that our bodies and the truth is people will always judge. So why not ensure you are walking in your purpose and changing the world instead of being remembered only for your body?

As woman, draw your value from God and be an example to others in life, purity, faith and love.(1 Timothy 4:12) Be modest and virtuous not to protect men, but to empower yourself. I think we need to remember that beauty is fleeting and charm is deceptive but a woman that fears the Lord lasts forever (Proverbs 31:30) so as a daughter of King don’t reduce yourself to a ratchet w****and a bad b**** but know your place, know your identity is in Christ and know where your power comes from. Stand out for what is right. You would rather hear from God “Well done, good and faithful servant” other than hear “You’re such a feminist and style icon” from people. Choose where you want your treasure to be and remember that God does reward those who truly fear Him.

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Shalom, Kenah

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