6 practical ways to improve your relationship with God.

Hey! Happy new month! Month number seven means it’s officially the second half of the year but also is the number of perfection. May God perfect all that concerns you this month and may you enter His rest. ? On that note, someone emailed me and asked me how to improve their relationship with God because they felt like they had drifted from Him. And as Christians we go through this sometimes, not because you have backslid or anything but you feel a disconnect. Maybe your prayers aren’t being answered, maybe you can no longer lift your hands in worship, maybe when you pray you feel like you’re talking to air, maybe there are just so many things in your life that aren’t working out or you’re too busy working your life out that you just can’t seem to connect with God. Whatever the case, I wanted give you some practical ways to improve your walk with God:

1. Communicate:

Open yourself up to an actual conversation with God. He says “Come, let us reason together.”

Remember that Christianity is not so much a religion than it is a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior. It isn’t really about the dos and do nots as it is about genuinely loving and wanting to please God. Therefore all the basic rules of a relationship apply (read more here) and communication is KEY!!! When we hear communicate with God we hear prayer which translates to closed eyes, confession of sins and giving thanks or requests. But God is as real as your mother, your best friend or even your partner. He is here! So talk to Him like He is. Tell Him about your day, about the weather, about what hurt you or surprised you. Tell him everything there is, not just your mistakes and requests. Do it outside, indoors, in the car, with your eyes open or closed. Be animated in your conversation with Him and be real because He sees all and knows all and understands all. Once you start to talk to God, you start to realize just how real he is and you begin to naturally grow closer to Him.

2. Trust:

Take the jump with God, He will never let you fall.

Recently there was this trust exercise going on where you randomly just fell backwards and hoped the person behind you caught you. And also, there has been this wave of ‘trust in you, in yourself and in your own abilities’ and to some extent that is a good reminder because we often short change ourselves but we have forgotten to trust God. How do you get closer to someone you can’t trust? You will always leave them at arms length. So from now on when you ask God to sort something out, actually let it go and watch what he does or what doors he opens because more often than not we ask God for something and then go on with our own plans or make contingency plans. God is not a man, he isn’t you or your ex or even your parents. He always fulfills his word and He always answers, we just tune Him out. So stop working things out and let God handle them. Trust, you’ll let your heart get close to Him.

3. Meditation:

True mediation on God’s word is where you give yourself over to be led and to listen to Him. More importantly, on being open to His guiding.

Now this isn’t in some zen garden or whatever. This is you, the word of God and complete stillness. It isn’t a rushed 10 minutes in the morning or a quick prayer before bed. Allocate time to switch off everything else and listen. You’ll hear God, you will feel him and more importantly you will begin to be more sensitive to His voice and His direction. Slow down your day for 30minutes and read your bible, worship, pray and just sit in the presence of God and tell the Holy spirit that He is welcome there. God isn’t going to force himself into your life or force His will on you, you have to be sensitive to it and allow Him in.


Do not be afraid to lift your hands and worship God wherever you are, after all, what really can humans give you?

Music is powerful and sometimes as Christians we leave our worship sessions to our worship leaders in church and the rest of the week we just listen to other music or completely switch off. But remember, everyone loves to be praised, especially by those they have a relationship with. You love it when your mother compliments your cooking or your brother says your hair looks great. You want your partner to not only notice your effort but praise it. This is because we are made in the image of God and God loves to be praised. He said that if we don’t, then he will make the stones do it. Everything he created, he did it so that it may praise Him. So have worship sessions in your car, praise your hands in your room and praise him, shout to the Lord after your workout,dance for him in your living room. Surround yourself with worship and open your own mouth, heart and body to worship him and see how much closer to God you feel. Seek Him and you will find him.

5. Be careful of your company:

Evaluate who and what you spend time with and write down what value they are adding to your life then weight it with value God adds to your life and what he expects of you

We all know that bad company corrupts good morals. But your company also determines who you are close too and even your attitude. If you surround yourself with people who gossip, you’ll become a gossiper. If it’s with people who just follow celebrity news, guess what? You will be super involved in the lives and rumors of the rich and famous. If you constantly read memes on being sad, fat and depressed then you shouldn’t be surprised to find that you are. So be careful. Whether it is virtual friends, followers, the people you follow, your actual friends or work mates, movies, series and books ensure that the people around you and the energy around you is that of love, light, positivity and worshipping God. You may feel disconnected from God because of the company you keep. You could read your bible everyday, pray everyday even worship but the minute you turn on your laptop/TV or you meet up with your friends or log onto Instagram then you lose that closeness and it shouldn’t be so. Be careful and cut off toxic people and unfollow toxic accounts. Anything contrary to the word of God should not be something you spend time with.

6. Spiritual Vacation:

Take a break and really focus on your spirit, on your soul. Let God search you and remove anything that hinders you from being close to Him.

We take vacations to rejuvenate our lives(I just came from one) and yet when our spiritual lives are going haywire or are dull and dry we assume they will sort themselves out. Instead we should be just as quick to turn everything off, take a leave and retreat for a couple of days to work on our spirits and souls and our relationship with God. You could just lock yourself in the house for two days with no gadgets or WiFi, you could take a hike or camp it or join a retreat or add it to the list for your 3 week summer vacation. Basically, give your spirit some much needed rest and then juice it up and started fresh. Sometimes the distance we feel is because our lives are too crowded and we need to let go of things and enter into God’s rest before we can feel close to Him again.

All in all, ask God to renew a hunger and thirst for Him in your spirit and don’t be scared to cry out for help. Remember that God is there, he doesn’t draw away from us, it is us who run from him or cut off the connection. We stop texting and calling him, we tune him out, we choose to chill with our friends over spending time with him. So work on your relationship with God and see how things turn around for you this next half of 2018 and I hope at the end of the year you can say that you are closer than you were to Him.

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Love and light to you,
Shalom, Kenah.

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