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How to refresh your life: 10 tips to help you get out of that mid-year rut

So you know how when a web page is loading slowly or disturbing you just hit that refresh button? Don’t you wish you could do that with your life? Like just refresh it when it is lagging or stressing you out? I have realized that when it nears June and begins to hit July, August my whole life just kind of hangs there. I am tired of the year, I am tired of socializing, I am tired of hoping for all the promises I believed for the year to come true and I am tired with myself. I struggle to get up in the morning, to sing, to praise, to do pretty much anything and I wish I could just refresh the entire year and see if it loads any faster or better. And I know I’m not the only one. We all have that slump we experience at certain points in the year; we don’t feel as connected to God, we don’t want to do our jobs, we don’t want to socialize with people we consider close friends or even family, we literally are in a ‘whatever will be will be’ zone.

So what to do? Well, here are a few simple yet effective ways to refresh yourself and reboot:

1. Take a vacation:

Now it doesn’t have to be 2 month summer one or a 1 month winter vacay. You could take 24 hours away from your devices, your job, your studies and just rejuvenate. Or book a 3 day stay somewhere you love or take a week off and just volunteer in places that are close to your heart. Basically take off that life that is slowing you down for a while.

2. Fast and Pray:

Fasting is a great way to refocus your spiritual life and also wean yourself off bad habits. When you deny yourself food or social media for a period of time and focus solely on seeking God, you find that it resets your spirit to the things that matters and calms your mind. Sometimes the slowness and lack of motivation is because your soul is weary and you need to recharge it so try a fast.

3. Try something new:

Bored with your current life? Try something new! Take a hike for the fast time, start a new workout, take a dance class, compete in your local triathlon, visit a new spot in your city or even a new city/county. If you’re feeling extreme then take an unplanned road trip and see where you end up, try skydiving or bungee jumping, leave the country and spend 3 months in another. Just give yourself a jolt of adrenaline(like a shot of espresso) and then come back and get back to your life. Sometimes the slump is just boredom.

4. Reevaluate your life:

Maybe you’re stuck in a rut because you no longer feel challenged at your job? Maybe you are tired of the same old songs? Maybe you are not putting the right amount of effort into your relationships? Are you doing the right course or should you maybe switch? Have you achieved your goals? Are the goals you are setting yours or that of someone else? Are you living in a comparison bubble and thus get tired when you never end up like him/her? Ask yourself these questions and more and just write down your answers and review your life so far and your year so far. Maybe then you will have a come back or even a change that helps you get out of that slump.

5. Switch it up:

On top of trying something more, switch up your usual life. The common everyday things like your morning routine, your diet/weekly menu, your workout routine, the order you tackle your assignments, how you seat, your playlist etc can use a shaking up every so often. Sometimes the rut we feel stuck in is just too much comfort in the way we do things and if we just switched it up a bit then we would shake off the slump and get a new vigor to live. Try doing your morning routine differently; don’t add anything new, just change the order of how you do things and that applies to everything else you do everyday/weekly.

Don’t borrow from tomorrow and stop lusting after her, love today and honor her by doing the best you can.


6. Get out:

Are you constantly stuck in doors? Is the only time you get out of a room to travel to another room/location? Then maybe you just need more time in the fresh air or in the sun. Try spending at least 2 hours a day outside, breathing fresh air, taking a walk and just being. This isn’t a workout, this is time to reflect, to admire the beauty of creation, to be there.

7. Give thanks:

Sometimes we feel stuck in a rut because we feel like nothing is happening. What we prayed for isn’t coming to pass and everyone else seems to be getting blessed. You’ve been working hard at something and no one had noticed or you haven’t gotten increased pay or you haven’t lost weight. Instead of focusing on what others are doing or what is not happening for you, try to practice gratitude. Be thankful for the day, for breathe, for daily food, for family/friends, for a job or school fees. Be grateful for everyday things that seem small; catching the bus early, no traffic, great tasting food, your hair agreeing to a hairstyle, your favorite jeans fitting or even the cute baby your passed on the street. Be grateful and see how you outlook changes.

8. Change your style:

Any fashionista will tell you that clothes make the person. I am not so I’ll tell you that what you wear and how you feel in it affects your attitude through the day. Maybe try changing your wardrobe, or pairing two things that you never thought you would. Add some new jewelry or shoes and dye your hair or get a fancy new cut. Shift your style to something new but comfortable and flattering to your figure. Maybe you’re stuck in a rut because you’re dressing like you’ve given up on life.

9. Check your company:

I cannot stress this enough. What spirit/energy are you surrounding yourself with? Whether in form of friends or classmates/workmates, TV programs, series, books or your own thoughts? Are you stuck in a rut or stuck in a negative cycle? Are your relationships toxic or even just plain negative? Do you find yourself complaining more or questioning your own sanity and decisions? are you doubting God more? Check your company because it affects your attitude and your outlook. Maybe the way to get out of the slump is to shake of the weight of negativity from your life.

10. Live in the now:

A lot of times we borrow from the future. We worry that the year is about to end abd we haven’t don’t this, achieved that or lost this. We stress about things out of our control and we are anxious about a life we haven’t even lived. You may be in an imaginary slump I.e. you think that you should be there and you aren’t so think you’ve stagnated here. Or you worry so much and do so little and that are stuck. Meet today’s problems with the strength given for today. Do not misuse the grace and strength God gives you for today to worry and plan for tomorrow. A man may plan his ways but God directs his path and who by worrying can add an inch to their height, a day to their life or food on their table? Live in this moment now and do the best you can for now and see how fast you realize fhag you’re doing just fine

I hope these tips help you out. Comment below your favorite one or what you do to refresh your life. Like and subscribe if this blessed you and share with someone else to bless their day too.

Love and light to you,

Shalom, Kenah

Hey there! I am Makenah, a passionate believer, writer, avid reader, poetess, wannabe globetrotter and amateur programmer. I enjoy dancing, listening to music, reading, cooking, travelling and eating. I started this blog as a way to share my journey through life; the pitfalls, the strengths, the beauty and passion, the pain, the beautiful places I go and people I meet and most importantly the triumph of grace in life. I do this so that through my sharing my journey, you can learn to embrace yours and trust the process of becoming who God created you to be and stop obsessing over 'making it' and 'being someone' or 'getting there' but realizing that life is a journey to be taken and enjoyed and the things and accomplishments are not a final destination but a pit stop on your way to forever. So sign up and join me, you won't regret it! And feel free to interact with me either via social media or in the comment section Love and light to you, Shalom, Kenah.

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