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The Proverbs 31 woman? 8 traits to cultivate to be the best woman you can be

Being a woman these days is hard because everyone has an opinion on what that means and who can identify as female. This has made me question who I am, what is my role as a woman and as a person and how can I as a christian girl be effective in God’s kingdom and in the world today without compromising my value. How can I live well, live freely and still obey God and only worry about his will for my life? I mean there are all these people saying do this, do that and don’t do this or that but since my one and only authority is God, I decides to give back to scripture and live accordingly.

We have been taught that the model woman is the Proverbs 31 woman so I decided to look at her qualities and share what I learned with y’all and see if it helps you:

1. She has noble character (v9) –

this means she is honest, has integrity, has virtue, does not speak coarse language or gossip or slander others. She is habitually good; not good when others treat her well or if she has something to benefit but she is continuously noble even when it hurts and others don’t respect her or cheer her for it. So strive to have noble character. It will take you far in life. You may not be famous, but you will be influential wherever you are.

2. She is wise, discerning and smart (v 13,14,16,18) –

This means she asked God for wisdom and discernment then she sought knowledge and understanding. She did not sit and wait for people to make decisions for her neither did she jump from one thing to another or do things because they were popular or because it would prove something. She ‘considered’ a field, she ‘selected’ choice wool. Don’t just jump into a career or a college course. Take a month, a gap year, 10 years even and listen to what God is saying. Wisdom and discernment are gotten from God and He will guide you on what to do and how to spend your time, money and smarts. Don’t just rush into a degree or a job just to prove you are smart and independent, consider it first and then select what God has said is right for you. Don’t rush into any commitments either, carefully consider them. Ask God for wisdom and discernment. You will be shocked just how much more fulfilled you are, how much less you have to shove and claw your way to the top and how much more joy you have.

Greet the day with enthusiasm and dedicate your strength to do what needs to be done. You will have a more accomplished and fulfilled life

3. She is hard working (v15,17,19) –

‘She woke up before the sun…’ She worked tirelessly. Once God has shown you where you need to be in this season of life, then work hard in it. Like get up early , sleep late kind of working hard. This woman was not lazy, she did not just expect ‘equal pay’ or a promotion just because she was a woman. She worked hard and proved her worth, knowing that even if man did not applaud her, God saw and rewarded her. That is one of the most important lessons you can learn especially in this generation. Work hard and well , without complaint, wherever you are at and see just how much you grow.

4. She dresses well (v21,25)

Scarlet was a very good way of dressing, like chic?. This woman dressed well in terms of the quality of what she wore. But she also dressed in a dignified manner. Now everyone says modesty this, modesty that but the truth is over and over the bible reminds us as women to dress modestly, not badly but not exposing ourselves. This isn’t even about being your brothers’ keeper and not tempting men, this is about self respect and not fearing the future and how you want to be addressed. Your body is the temple of God, so dress it as if the King of kings is living in it. Also the last thing you want is to answer weird questions in the future about your pictures/videos from your sons/daughters. Modesty and class are about you, not him, but you. And you cannot buy class. Don’t measure yourself with her or that instagram but with what God has said and just do the right thing.

5. She watches her tongue (v26)-

I struggle with watching my tongue so this is as much for me as any other girl out there. Speaking wisdom implies that you have it but also that you think before you speak. This whole ‘speak my mind’ generation is great and all but it also makes for mean, crass, illogical, foolish and or untrue words. Bite your tongue. Before you say something, think it over. Remember it holds the power of life and death and even James said that men could tame everything in the world but the tongue. Don’t think as you speak, think before you speak. If it’s a topic, research on it, get all the facts and then give them together with your opinion. If it’s in a disagreement, walk away and keep the peace. Once all parties involved have cooled down then come back and have a calm collected and thoughtful conversation. You don’t have to run your mouth to be heard; even a fool is thought wise if he keeps silent. Speak less, do more and you’ll see your opinion being taken seriously.

You are never too old, too pretty, too made up, too successful or too lost to worship God. Submit fully to him, raise your hands and bow down before him and he will lift you up.

6. She reveres and worships God (v30) –

In a generation of great makeup, workouts, diets and clothes we can quickly forget what will stand the test of time. You can now look 21 at 35 and 30 at 18. We have praised beauty, raised her up and worshipped her. But a Godly woman knows that although she is beautiful, her worth doesn’t come from that because today you are beautiful and tomorrow there is someone prettier, taller with a better body. Know your worth and surround yourself with people who know where that worth comes from. Care about your body and your face but don’t obsess. Spend more time studying the bible, praying, worshipping than you spend working out or looking for new makeup or clothes or diets. Your body will never keep a man who doesn’t know the value of commitment and your face will not keep the fame it attracts. Remember that.

7. She makes good investments (v16,18,24)

She considered a field and bought it, she planted a vineyard, she trades. So make good business investments and that is not on just which stick you buy or business you start. This is about what you spend your money on; what do you buy on a daily, weekly, monthly basis? What do you consider valuable and you can’t live without? Be it chocolate, makeup, cars, clothes, jewelry, hair, apps, shoes; is it a good investment. This applies to where, what and with whom you invest your time, your energy and your strength. Be selective, make careful consideration and think it iver first. Is that date really worth it? is it really worth it to scroll through Instagram endlessly? Is that conversation really adding value to your life? Be careful where you invest yourself, your mind, your money and your time because it will define you and will determine your effectiveness.

8.She puts family first and takes care of them(v11,27,28)

Being a mum and a wife is a career, just ask a stay at home mum. But even if you work outside the home, your first obligation is always to your family. Remember it’s the little things that matter. Don’t just show up for graduation, be there when they sit up for the first time or walk for the first time or say their first word. Don’t just show up for the company dinner, show up at home early enough to bond, show up by cooking good food regularly, show up by providing a safe and peaceful place for him to come home to. These doesn’t just apply to mums and wives. Even as a daughter, take care of your family and do it well by helping out selflessly, modeling good behavior and praying for them. God has blessed you with these souls, take care of them because you will be asked about it.

Be fruitful in every aspect of your life by trusting God and doing well in faith that which he has called you to do

Above all these, I found this on Tumblr and I thought I should share it:

Be a RUTH, loyal in all your relationships, walk the extra mile and don’t quit when things get tough. Someday, you’ll see why it was all worth the effort.
Be an ESTHER, bold and courageous enough to stand for the truth, to voice your opinion and fight for the good of others, even when it means to sacrifice yourself. If God has put you in a position, it is for a purpose. Never be afraid to heed that inner voice.
Be a LYDIA, let your homes be open, let your hands be generous, let your hearts be big enough to help anyone in need. Joy is greatest when shared.
Be a HANNAH, never cease to pray. It will never be in vain.
Be a MARY, humble and submissive. You don’t have to be great for God to use you, you just need to obey.
Be a DORCAS, use your talents, however small it may seem to bring a smile on someone’s face. You’ll never know how much it can mean to someone.
Be an ABIGAIL, remember how each decision can turn your life around for good or bad. Be wise.
Be an ABIGAIL, remember how each decision can turn your life around for good or bad. Be wise.
Be an ELIZABETH, never doubt what God can do. He is the God of many miracles.
Be a MARY MAGDALENE, never let your mistakes and judgments of other people stop you from experiencing the joy of Jehovah.
Be a REBEKAH, never forget that true beauty lies within. Draw all your loved ones closer to God through your Christ-like character.
Lastly be a SARAH, age doesn’t matter. Trust & believe that all things are possible with God according to His time.

“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.” – Proverbs 31:25

Are there any other qualities you think and effective, influential woman of God should have? add them to the comments below?. If this blessed you then like, share and most definitely subscribe to this blog for more.

Love and light to you lovelies,

Shalom, Kenah.

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