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“Is it Friday yet?” Is my question every other day, not that my Fridays are great, it’s just the weekend normally has this sense of possibility; going places, sleeping in, cheat day, meeting friends, less chores, church, shopping etc. At least for me. I know many people hate Mondays because they hate their jobs/schools or because they don’t like the hustle of waking up earlier or the hustle of the real world i.e ‘week life’. And I promise to tackle this on Monday with a beautiful blog post but for now I want to talk about the weekend. Have you ever been like “YAAAZ! Friday evening” and then “is it already Sunday? Come on!” and you genuinely cannot explain how the time has flown or even what you did with it? Well, I am here to help you maximize your weekend and hopefully after this blog post you will both enjoy it and not really miss it… jk, you will miss it but not because you feel like you did nothing. And once I tie this into the ‘Loving Monday’ post, you will enjoy your weekend and look forward to Mondays or at least dread them less. So if you find yourself either way to busy to enjoy your weekend or totally zonked out that you wake up to discover you did nothing at all, this blog post is definitely for you.  Click that sign up button to get notification when I post and join all the other sojourners!:D



Do switch off your work phone:

If you are not in the urgent medical field, a law enforcer or a pastor then start the weekend by turning off that work phone AND disabling all your work notifications. This is to just clear your mind for the next couple of days to just relax and rejuvinate. It will also ensure that you tackle your next week with ease

Definitely get a to-do list:

I know that not every weekend can just have ‘have fun’ on the to-do list. Some weekends come with fairs, chores, events, repairs and a lot of other things that can never get done during the week. So prepare a clear list, even indicating how long you think you will take to do each and what time they happen(if it is an appointment or event)

Clearly mark out chilling time:

Ensure to clear outline a time where nothing else but rest can go on. Not only put it in your list but set an alarm and arrange your weekend to ensure it happens, Notify friends and family that you will be totally unavailable. Just three hours completely to yourself to really decompress can make such a huge difference.

“You have never learnt enough, always search for more education and the weekend is the best time to educate yourself.”@kenahcatalogs


Must have fun:

If your weekend is as boring as your week then what is the point of a sabbath rest? Schedule something fun each weekend. Try painting, go for a hike, take a dance class, up the ante on your workout, do some DIY challenges for your home, visit friends, game for two hours or read a book. Basically, anything you consider fun should be scheduled, and done,  each weekend – whether big or small.

white and brown cooked dish on white ceramic bowls
Food… ;P

Eat good food:

I assure you that good food can make even the worst of days seem slightly good. Don’t be afraid to eat well and eat great tasting food, even if it is not your cheat day. Trust me, we are all going to die at some point and you could avoid that chocolate and get hit by a bus and then? I am not saying indulge, just eat that cake.

Meet up with people:

I know this is obvious for some people but for others this is a foreign concept. The idea of spending their weekend with people is appalling, but I still stick to this piece of advice. Choose some great people to have lunch dates with or bible study or a movie night or a game night or watch a game together. Basically, don’t lock yourself away for two days alone because you are welcoming depression and also because you will miss out on interacting with really amazing people.

Sleep in:

Get some serious sleep each weekend, even if it is just an extra hour. This helps your body to reset its clock if you have been having crazy sleeping hours and also recuperate if you have not been sleeping that well. Also sleep helps your brain refresh itself and that is very important for a new week

low angle view of woman relaxing on beach against blue sky
Workouts are one of the best ways to relax and challenge yourself all in one. they improve your brain, body and even your emotional health.

Try a new thing:

If you tried a  new thing every weekend for a year, that would be 52 new things you have learned. 52! Like if that does not ensure you grow and become better then I don’t know what will. So try something new each weekend; it can be reading about birds in Asia or the lakes in Australia or how many languages are spoken in Africa. It could be learning a new skill or a few words in another language. It could be visiting a new geographical location or church. It could be trying a different brand of coffee, a new workout or ordering a new meal at a restaurant or even doing a new bible study. Basically,you have never learnt enough, always search for more education and the weekend is the best time to educate yourself.



Don’t oversleep:

It makes you drowsy, tired, sluggish and moody. Sleep in but don’t over do it.

Don’t zone out:

However hard your week was, you cannot zone out for 2 days straight or you will feel Monday hit you like a mac truck. Have some chill time but do not spend your whole weekend zoned out and doing nothing. This helps you slow down for the weekend but gradually pick up the pace and hit that new week with a bang enough to carry you through to Friday.

Trying to tackle it all in one weekend is a big NO:

There are times when your to do list is a  mile long and at those times, avoid trying to do it all. Mark the urgent things and tackle them first and then maybe add others but leave the rest for another weekend.

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Avoid putting all your projects in one weekend:

We have a tendency of putting off all those home improvement projects off and scheduling them into one weekend. Don’t do that. If the sink is leaking, fix it immediately or the weekend immediately following that day. Trying to get all the broken things fixed and the DIY challenges done in one weekend just ends up adding to your stress and limits your creativity for each project. tackle them one by one or in small bunches.

Overindulging is a no-no:

Self control is key. the last thing you want is to start your week with a guilt conscience or trying to ‘work off’ all those burgers you over ate. Everything is good in moderation, even the weekend. So take it all in small potions and excise that fruit of the spirit called SELF CONTROL and ensure it is your Spirit-filled self that is controlling you and not the other one.

No work at all for at least one day:

If you cannot get the actual weekend, find a day in the work where you do not work. The sabbath rest is crucial to the human body and brain for optimum function. You need a break from it all to do something different and then come back and tackle it with a fresh set of eyes and renewed vigor.

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Lots of love and light to you,

Shalom ,Kenah.

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