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5 Goals that everyone should have in 2019

Hey! hey! hey! Happy new year to everyone reading this and I hope your year is off to a great start. I started mine in Rwanda(will be writing about the trip soon) and I’m finally back in Nairobi,Kenya and cannot wait to do this year some good. Have you already written your new year resolutions/goals? Do you even have any? Do you even believe in having any? Personally, I believe planning what you want to achieve in life is awesome and breaking it down year by year, month by month and day by day gives you a clear picture of what you should be doing, praying for and working towards. Therefore I have already written my goals and prayer requests for the year down. After having done this for the last 10 years of my life, I deem myself somewhat of an expert – even though only half of those goals get done ;D- and I decided to share some of the most important goals to have in any year, especially this one.

1. Continuous Intentionality:

Having resolutions or prayer points is great but without intentionality guess what? You’ll have given up by next week and forgotten them by next month. Being intentional about each and every one of your goals means that you will make time to achieve them, make concrete plans on how to do them and find accountability to ensure you do. It means that if you have a goal to lose weight you will set a time to workout, set your alarm for that time, find a workout series/plan for you and get an accountability partner to ensure you are working out. So this year, start being intentional about your life.

Be specific about what you want to do, to achieve, about your expectations, requests and even deal-breakers. Vagueness will ensure you never know growth.

2. Unapologetic Specificity:

Being specific is what differentiates driven people from hard working people. Your goals can be generic like “Have a closer relationship with God, Read more books, lose weight.” and truth is you may achieve them, but how do you know you have? If you read one more book than last year is that a win? or did you need to read five? If you lose an inch off your waist have you met your goal? or had you planned to lose 3 inches off your arms? If you go to church more often can you say that you got closer to God?

Be specific about what you want; in life, with people, with yourself and in your goals. If you want to be closer to God then write down that you will read your bible everyday and pray twice a day. If you want to be healthier in 2019 then write down that you will eat junk food only once a week and not consume any soda. Specificity ensures that you never flounder and that when you lose track of your goal, you know exactly where to pick up from. If you wanted to read one book a month and you forget to read in March and April then in May you know you have to read three books to achieve your goals. I implore you ti be specific in your prayer life too – ask God exactly what you want, not a more ‘spiritual’ version of your request. Be clear, be concise, be specific.

3. Unbridled Gratefulness:

No, not an attitude of gratitude but the virtue of thanksgiving. Resolve that this year you will cultivate gratitude within you until it is a part of who you are. Make a habit of waking up with thanksgiving, spending the day saying thank you for both the little things and the big and then ending your day in gratefulness. It takes 21 days to form a habit and 10,000 hours to become excellent at something. This year, spend that time perfecting gratefulness and see just how much better your year will be at the end. You will worry less, stress less and learn to cast your anxieties to Jesus. Let us surround ourselves with so much gratitude that it will be hard for negativity and complaining to take root in our hearts.

two female standing near building structure
Reach out instead of in this year and see just how much more your life is enriched

4. Growing community:

I know we live in an ‘independent’ generation where everyone is for themselves and their happiness ad their goals and their thing but this year I wanted to try and bring back community. Truth is, no one is independent on this earth; we depend on farmers for food, governments for security, rain for water, teachers for an education and parents/guardians for nourishment. These are just a few examples of how much we each depend on at least 100 other people to just survive and get from point a to b. Therefore this false sense of independence is just making us a selfish and depressed generation. This year I am instead focusing on interdependence – what can we give to and get from each other? I am building new relationships and enriching my old ones, offering smiles to strangers and giving up my food for the needy. Join me in making the world a home again where we love each other more than our careers, our education and our material possessions.

5. True and deep Spirituality:

Man is made of spirit, soul and body. We always remember to take care of our bodies one way or another – we bathe, we eat, we workout(maybe), we sleep, we drink water, we take vitamins. We even remember to take care of our souls by nourishing our minds and healing our hearts; we cut off toxic people, study hard, read books and break out of heartbreaking situations. But often times, we neglect our spirits. God breathed his spirit into us and only he can fill it but we forget about him, put him on the back banner or talk to him once a week only. This year, fan into flame your relationship with God by delving into his word daily, praying continually and letting His spirit guide you as opposed to living by your own desires and wisdom. Only Jesus is the true answer to the search for spirituality because God is spirit and He created not only our bodies but our spirits too. Remember that everything else will pass away but your spirit will live forever so where do you want it to stay?

close up photography of bible
Spend time with God, real time.

Do you think these goals are important? Did you already have them in your own? Comment below which one you’d like to achieve this year and or which one you already have. Subscribe to my mailing list if you  haven’t already to get weekly encouragement. I will be publishing a book this year so be on the look out for that announcement. Praying for a very blessed and faith-filled year for all of you.

Much love,




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