Planted not buried

There have been times in my life where I was working to a specific goal and I would work and work and I would get there. Yet I have found myself in a season where nothing is happening. I work towards a goal and nothing, I do something and nothing, I wait and nothing. For the last two years or more of my life, I have been seemingly stagnant. And you want the truth? I am exhausted, really just tired.

But I recently got reminded of something, that in order for their to be fruit then there must be a tree. And for the tree to be there then there was once a shoot and the shoot came from a seed. This reminded me that there are times where I am the seed and this is one of those times. I have to be planted and I have to go deep and I have to grow really deep roots if I want to become a really tall tree.

This motivated me to inspire someone else too. You feel lost, you feel down, you feel tired, you see nothing and you have decided that it is done; Be it the dream, the opportunity, the relationship or whatever. But instead of looking at it as death, look at it as a rebirth. I decided to write for you the four signs I was given to show that I am in a season of planting:

agriculture backyard blur close up
God is the perfect farmer; He knows the right season for planting you.

1. Something died:

I know, it seems counter-intuitive but hear me out. You see, for that seed to grow it needs to die, that is basic science. The seed is planted and it dies so that the living part in it can break forth. So maybe your relationship ended and your friendships came to a streaking halt and your dreams seem long gone, it is not the end. Some things have to die for there to be new life.

The seed dies to bring forth a shoot of the same kind. Just because your relationship died doesn’t mean the love is gone or you can’t ever be in another one. Just because you guys don’t talk anymore doesn’t mean you never will or you can’t find a friend like that anymore. You see, the death isn’t the main event; like Jesus’ own death and burial, it is a time for the actual war to start, for growth to begin.

2. It is really dark:

Pitch black; no light at the end, no light at the top. You can’t tell if it is a tunnel or a hole because you really can’t see but all you know is that there is no light. Really wanting to move but you don’t know where you are let alone where to go. Yearning to stretch forth in faith but you wonder if there’s even room. The darkness is good because it natures the process of production. Like a photographer’s darkroom, your raw film is going through a process to make it into priceless picture memories.

3. It is silent:

You can’t even hear a pin drop because you feel like you’re in an endless void. God isn’t talking, your family has nothing left to say, your friends can’t even call anymore. It is silent. But instead of fighting the silence, take it as a sign of God’s movement. Because when a seed is growing, you really can’t hear it but it is still growing.

selective focus photography cement
No one really ever notices when the work begins, but give it time and you see will the difference.

4. There is no progress to see:

Most people will tell you that this plant is growing because they can see, day in and day out, the progress of the growing shoots and stems. You will be told you are losing weight or adding muscle because every few weeks, you look different. We know that someone is getting richer because the numbers on their bank account keep rising – there is proof of growth. Yet before you see results from a rigorous workout routine, it takes about 6-8 weeks of seemingly no difference. Before you see the shoot, there is a period where all you see is soil. Why? Because you are growing roots. Your body is changing from the inside out, the shoot is getting deeper roots so it can withstand the weight of the coming plant, flowers and fruits and you are learning money management to ensure you stay rich.


These four signs show you that you are planted, not buried. And if you stick it out, you will breakthrough the earth and a shoot will grow and you will bloom and you will bear much fruit. There are seasons where you are just a plant without flowers, where you have flowers but no fruit, where you have just  little fruit. And all these seasons are frankly easier to be in. You can see progress, you can feel the fresh air and the sun and the rain. But when you are just a seed, then you really have no way of knowing and no where to go.

I am writing this to you so you may have joy and peace and that your hope will be renewed. Know that while you wait on the Lord, He is working. As the farmer, the giver of rain and the gardener, he is working and ensuring that you do not die but live. So take heart my dear flower-child and believe that you will bloom again.

Stay planted,


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