The future is female and other feminism myths

“Have your thing for you, to protect yourself before anything else.” This is the lesson many girls learn in schools throughout westernized countries. It’s all about how to best beat men, how women only contributed to society since 1900’s and that before that we were silent puppets bowing before our masters, men. I started to realize that something was wrong last year when I saw a tweet from a girl who said she aspired to be a wife and mom and take care of her family and she was called a ‘regressive and oppressive woman.’ In fact many people asked her why she wanted to be ‘just’ a wife or ‘just’ a mom and waste her talent and potential and give into the patriarchy. I quickly wondered when women in westernised countries and cities stopped fighting actually issues and started to believe in falacies.

If you watch mainstream media and or follow mainstream celebrities you are familiar with the feminist rhetorics and beliefs. You are also deeply familiar with the radical and frankly dangerous feminism that has made waves these last 10 years. So I just wanted to debunk a few myths in modern feminism that apply to Westernized cities and countries:

The idea that women only need other women and they’ll be OK is absurd.

1. The future is female:

Women think that women should be the only ones leading in the future because men have had their chance and ruined everything. This is a lie because those men who ryined everything were raised by women so I guess we were complicit in society’s erosion. Secondly, men and women were created to be complimentary which is why any gender monopolizing anything will lead to detrimental effects. The genders both have something to give that is unique and helpful but without each other,they run wild and oppress the other. The future therefore cannot be female or male but the future should be equality and diversity governed by morality.

Making women king and queen defeats the purpose of an integrated and loving society. The oppresses cannot become the oppressor and women are not good at everything.

2. Women are men or better than men:

Just based on physical differences anyone can know that this is a stupid argument. Then getting into the nuances of biological, hormonal and even mental differences we realize that from the womb, men and women are created inherently different. Women was made to be everything man was not and that means that we balance each other out and not cancel each other out. Where men may have physical strength and muscle endurance, women have emotional tenacity and mental elasticity. Where men may be more logical analytical, women can understand the deeper things and analyze information from different fronts. These are just some of the differences that prove that women cannot be men and neither are they better. We all have flaws, sins and mistakes and we all have greatness within us. The key is to accept the differnce without thinkingbthey make one gender supreme from another.

Chasing coin has become more important than facing facts and thus women are deluded into a wage-gap war

3. Wage gaps and systemic sexism:

Now this one is still a problem in many civilisations that do not accept judeo-christian values. Islamic states, some African and Asian traditional. communities and also cults that claim God but do not follow the bible. But the truth is the examples given by mainstream media, celebrities and even research groups is wrong and or taken out of context. Women are more than paid their due and in fact in countries like mine, Kenya, they are paid for 3 months maternity leaves. The gaps in wage have to do with experience, company profit at times of employment, working hours, time spent working in the company and even chosen career. In sports fields like football, women are paid less simply because less people watch it and less companies advertise during a match as a result. Other sporta like volleyball, atheltics or tennis get more attention and this the women and men are paid using equal measurement metrics. There are very few places that actually knowingly pay female employees less without considering the above things and thus there is no ‘systemic sexism’ just some sexist people.

4. Success is measured by monetary and promotional gain:

The view that women who stay home or work in traditionally feminine careers are somehow less successful and or less free than women who take on traditionally masculine careers or abandon family for career is based on prejudice and no facts. The truth is it has been found that women who lean nore to traditional values and live that way are happier, more fulfilled and five more back to their communities. Yet, tgere is nothing wrong with women who pursue nontraditional ways of life as long as they are authentic to their ourposes and themsleves. The problem with feminism now is that these women push their agenda on other women and make those thinking of living differently feel ostracized, shame, inferior and uneducated. The fight for freedom was so that women could have the options to do what best suited their purposes and aspirations in life but also the freedom to change their minds and way of life at an point without getting shamed for it.

The reason I picked these four lies first is because the are always thrown at me by feminsits as their reasons for feminism. Yet a quick look at facts and no feelings would defeat this logic. I want the feminist movement to focus more on fighting for the freedom of truly oppressed women – those with no access to education, force into marriage, undergoing. genital mutilation, forced into having abortions, sexually assaulted and blamed etc – instead of focusing our energies on fake problems and hating men.

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Until next time,

Shalom, Joy Makenah.

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