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9 Ways To Stay Sane In A Crisis

So have you heard? There is a global pandemic. Also, a global economic crisis looming. It can be a bit overwhelming; Maybe you feel lost, or confused, panicked or completely befuddled. Maybe you are fighting the panic because others depend on you to keep it together but inside it is chaos. Maybe you are apathetic. One thing is clear, the world we have known for the last 100, 50, 20 years is being swept away and a new system is falling in place. These happenings can steal your peace, your joy, your emotional and mental stability if you let them. But here is a little post on ways to help you stay sane in the midst of crisis which, if you follow, will ensure you get out of this better than you came in.

1.Make and maintain a routine

This is a time when order is your best friend. Create a schedule for your day, put in a time to panic if you must, but create a schedule. Make it clear what time is for what; whether you are working from home, studying, or searching for something to do. A clear routine will keep your brain from feeling cluttered and thus inducing panic.

2. Workout

There is no better time to sweat it out than when the world is on fire. Get off your butt and get moving. Run if you can, walk around, pace, do squats in front of the TV, lunge across the room, schedule 30-45 minutes each day to do some intense home workouts. Not only does working out relive stress, the endorphins released when you complete a workout will boost your mood and keep you from feeling depressed. Try YouTube for free workouts or order one from the various fitness sites and gurus available online and on social media.

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3. Dress up

It may be tempting to ignore your looks right now but that may be the difference between a manageable day and an out rightly hellish one. Do your makeup, do your hair, choose a flattering outfit, take a shower. You will respond to how you look. Spending the whole day in pajamas or ratty clothes will only amplify feelings of despair and laziness. Dress for yourself and dress well if only to ensure you actually get out of bed.

4. Feed Your Soul

Do not neglect your spiritual life in a time of crisis. Spiritual health is the key to maintaining a healthy mental frame of mind. Pray, spend some time meditating, fast, read your bible; whatever you need to do to keep your spirit being nourished and ready for battle. The biggest battle will be in what you believe and you need to put on your armor.

5.Focus on the family

You have been granted the gift of time with your loved ones, use it. Have a video chat, call them, text them, talk to them; rebuild that close bond with those you love. Create an environment of love and brotherhood, even virtually. Rediscover the interests of your family and fall in love again with your close friends. For now, all you have is time so you have nowhere to go but deeper in love.

6.Avoid Fighting

Fighting and arguments are emotionally, spiritually and physically draining and in a time where tensions run high and patience low, this has a net negative effect. Walk away(to the next room, lol), divert your negative energy into productivity, don’t pick fights, let go of the small stuff and forgive the big stuff. This season is the best season to practice your patience and restraint. Virtue will help you maintain good relationships in times of crisis.

7. Start a Project

Wanted to plant a vegetable garden? Or was it re-paint your house? How about some DIY decor? Or starting an online business? This is the time to start an intensive project because not only do you have the time, you have the frustration and energy to let out. If you push yourself hard enough, you could even complete it, or see its fruits) before quarantine and uncertainity are over. Giving yourself something new and challenging to do is a good way to stay productive, positive and in touch with your humanity.

Order and cleanliness are a game changer for mental health.
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8. Clean your room

And every other place you are at. Whether you live in a closet or a mansion, this is the time to clean and clean thoroughly. Take out old clothes and donate/throw them, clear out drawers and cabinets, repair all broken devices or torn clothes, dust corners, polish surfaces and utensils. In times of crisis, the cleanliness of your living area may be one of the few things you can control. Also did you know that if you are surrounded by order you are more likely to get your tasks done and stay positive?

9. Rest

If you’re like me then you are a go, go, go person; constantly moving, doing and reaching for the next to-do list. This trait is amplified when I feel like the world around me is out of my control. I’m learning that rest is the best cure in times like this. Taking a relaxing walk or shower, sleeping for an extra hour for a day or two, sitting with a good book, listening to some calming music or just staring out into nature can make such a big difference in your ability to handle stress. I know that everything is uncertain and you’re trying to ensure you and everyone you love gets out of this alive but please take some time to rest.

When in doubt remember to lift your eyes to heaven, God is in control. Everything that can go wrong will go wrong but God will work it all out for the good of those who love Him. Stay safe, stay at home(if you can), stay healthy. This too shall pass.

P.s If you want some ideas of what to do here are 100 things to do at home by Mrs.Midwest which I hope expands your idea book.

Love, Kenah

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