About the author...

Hey! I’m Joy Makenah, the founder and blogger of an inspirational life and faith blog called kenahcatalogs.com. This blog was started when some of my friends said “You give really good advice, you should write about it.” and here it is.  Some few facts about me:


“I love writing; I really adore the power of the written word. By profession, I am a digital content creator, programmer and aspiring author. Encouraging women to walk and live in freedom is my passion. Advocating for femininity and education(not just schooling) of the girl child(read more on this on my blog) is part of my purpose. I believe in embracing truth, diversity and family. I am proud to be African, specifically Kenyan. Hobbies include reading noels, cooking, travelling and biking. My latest obsession is podcasts and DIY videos and I have this romantic notion of the simple life.

About the blog...

This blog started out as kenahcatalogs because it was a place to share about me or things I was thinking. But now it has grown to encompass all women. It is written to encourage and therefore there are a lot of inspiring stories, practical healthy lifestyle tips, mental and spiritual health advice and also book reviews. This blog is meant to encourage you to grow, to bloom, in every season of your life and in every aspect of your life even as I grow in mine. The tagline, “in Bloom” , alludes to the flower which grows freely and beautifully despite everything and everyone around it. Here I hope to give you biblical-based nourishment so that you too can grow beautifully; in true freedom and individuality, undaunted by the people, circumstances and things around you.

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