KC is basically my journal as I journey through life. I am sojourner as Paul reminds us in his letters (We are not of this world, we are merely passing through) and I want to share what is going on in this journey of becoming better through poetry, real life lessons, tips I have learned and travel stories. This is because I know¬†that we are all journeying through life and I also feel like we have such a constant pressure to ‘get there’ or ‘be something’ or ‘make it’ and yet I know that that is not possible. You see, as long as we live, we are constantly growing and needing new things and becoming new people so instead of obsessing about ¬†BEING someone, I just want to keep BECOMING; growing, learning, trusting as I journey through life and I want you to enjoy your journey too thus I put my lessons into writing.


Much love and light,

Shalom, Kenah