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Find reviews of any book I am reading or have read. Also, find lists of various kinds to help you add to your reading list. Reading a book has been proven to increase knowledge and aid in the reducing of stress. Therefore, these posts ensure you have nourishing and life-giving books to read year round.

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    Spoiler Alert: It ends well

    Happy New Month!!😊 The year is almost finished a quarter already, time is flying and I feel like I am just crawling along… sigh Anyway,I hope you had a blessed passover/Easter season and spent time in worship, awe, reverence, rejoicing and really marveling at God’s sacrifice for us. So obviously I didn’t post this yesterday because family time but I am right back on the horse. Anyway, I am a book nerd, book worm, lover of books or whatever you want to call people who love fiction more than life. And sometimes as I read a book I struggle with the need to jump to the end of the story,…

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    10 of the best action/thriller Christian book series(PART 1)

    Action… the thrill of the chase, the depth of the mystery, your blood pumping, your head pumping, your heart racing and then “Hey!” someone yells at you and you fight the urge to punch them in surprise, horror or anger. That is the thing about action books, unlike the TV series or movies, you get to imagine the story for yourself; picture the characters described, live in the places and root for the good guys all without getting out of bed and no WiFi. I love me some good thriller/action books, not too gory and with just the right amount of romance without it being too mushy and we are…

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    8 of the best Christian fiction book series for teenage girls

    So, I’m an avid reader, obsessive even because leaders read and readers lead. No, really it’s because I enjoy escaping reality for a little while. I actually struggle with motivational books but give me a novel or even short fiction and I will be lost to the world! I started avidly reading at around 10 and my dream to be a writer started then too. And throughout my teenage years, books were my one solace. They seemed to get me, they directed me, they gave me hope and made me laugh. I got involved with the characters and their lives and literally owned them. So I decided, why not share…