Drawing lessons from the bible for these posts. They come by the studying of daily devotions and or the musings and reflections of my spirit. Furthermore, I use various preaching and teachings too. Continually read these for challenging and growing your faith. Also helpful in helping to find answers to many questions through the bible.

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    9 Ways To Stay Sane In A Crisis

    These happenings can steal your peace, your joy, your emotional and mental stability if you let them. But here is a little post on ways to help you stay sane in the midst of crisis which, if you follow, will ensure you get out of this better than you came in.

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    Planted not buried

    You feel lost, you feel down, you feel tired, you see nothing and you have decided that it is done; Be it the dream, the opportunity, the relationship or whatever. But instead of looking at it as death, look at it as a rebirth. Here are four ways to know you are planted and not buried:

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    Positivity : The power of your words

    Something I have learned throughout my life is that my tongue has a lot of power. James says the tongue is a spark that can set an entire forest on fire. And yet most times I forget. In the name of self depreciating jokes or being ‘real’, I get lost in spewing negative words. And I know am not the only one; we find ourselves saying things like ‘it’s ok I’m just average’ and ‘I don’t care, I’m a savage.’ And all this is in the name of being ok with who you are and being real. We forget that what we speak will always come to life, I mean…

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    Self-worth: Daily reminders for those struggling with the need for validation

    So you’re doing just fine and life is going OK and then you post a selfie and it gets only 5 likes in as many hours. Or you really want to go into teaching as an Early Childhood development expert but then ‘what will people think of me?’. You wake up and suddenly you are drowning in despair because you feel like no one recognizes how hard you work. You read the comments on your latest post and you suddenly can’t even breathe let alone walk outside. You work and study too hard and too long trying to get those As in subjects you don’t like just to hear your…