Here you will find healthy lifestyle tips. They are helpful in dealing with every area of life, to achieve holistic growth. These posts focus on intentional living; embracing bible-based perspectives and giving practical advice to ensure you live your most healthy lifestyle. These include sexuality, time management and mental health and so on. Furthermore, they cover physical health, finances and practical healthy lifestyle hacks.

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    5 practical tips to ensure you stay motivated

    “I can do this just before I sleep and still send it in time.” I told myself as I pushed away my assignment and started reading a novel. It seemed like a good idea; I was tired, I was bored and I really didn’t know if the sense of touch was exponential or not. Yet when bed time came, I was glued to my book, I hadn’t done a lick of research and I was getting drowsier by the minute. Safe to say, that assignment was never turned in. In fact, I didn’t even do the research. Have you ever done that? Pushed something important aside for later? Or convinced…

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    Spoiler Alert: It ends well

    Happy New Month!!😊 The year is almost finished a quarter already, time is flying and I feel like I am just crawling along… sigh Anyway,I hope you had a blessed passover/Easter season and spent time in worship, awe, reverence, rejoicing and really marveling at God’s sacrifice for us. So obviously I didn’t post this yesterday because family time but I am right back on the horse. Anyway, I am a book nerd, book worm, lover of books or whatever you want to call people who love fiction more than life. And sometimes as I read a book I struggle with the need to jump to the end of the story,…

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    Positivity : The power of your words

    Something I have learned throughout my life is that my tongue has a lot of power. James says the tongue is a spark that can set an entire forest on fire. And yet most times I forget. In the name of self depreciating jokes or being ‘real’, I get lost in spewing negative words. And I know am not the only one; we find ourselves saying things like ‘it’s ok I’m just average’ and ‘I don’t care, I’m a savage.’ And all this is in the name of being ok with who you are and being real. We forget that what we speak will always come to life, I mean…

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    Self-worth: Daily reminders for those struggling with the need for validation

    So you’re doing just fine and life is going OK and then you post a selfie and it gets only 5 likes in as many hours. Or you really want to go into teaching as an Early Childhood development expert but then ‘what will people think of me?’. You wake up and suddenly you are drowning in despair because you feel like no one recognizes how hard you work. You read the comments on your latest post and you suddenly can’t even breathe let alone walk outside. You work and study too hard and too long trying to get those As in subjects you don’t like just to hear your…

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    10 of the best suspense/thriller Christian book series(PART 2)

    I know I left you hanging last week because I’m really nice and didn’t want to write a really long post that would drive you insane but I did promise to post this list this week and I don’t tease. I hope you got yourself at least a book from last week’s list or got it for someone in your life to get their heart pumping and their soul searching for Christ. So, without further blabber, in continuation from last week’s here is the rest of the list. 6. NCIS – Mel Odom Mel Odom is a highly awarded and famed author and his work lives up to the hype.…

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    Dealing with stress and anxiety: How to train your mind to think positive

    “As a man thinks in his heart so is he…” and “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” These are some of the few verses that really encapsulate how important positivity and positive thinking is. We are told do not worry because worrying adds no day to our lives or inch to our heights and to focus on today. But how does this positive thinking work? How is it that if our problems are cured by a positive mind that we can train our minds to think like this? Why are we still struggling with anxiety and depression if it is as simple as a positive mindset?…

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    5 things to do when you don't know what to do

    “I don’t know…” We say that often. Mostly because we really don’t want to give our opinion because it will be a shocker or we are tired of talking or we do not want to be held accountable if our advice makes life worse for someone. But occasionally we really really just don’t know. Everything is confusing, grey and murky. It’s like viewing the world through fog-covered glasses; you sorta know there’s something but you can’t really be sure either way. And if you’re like me then you get anxiety, panic attacks, migraines, irritable and you begin to question your very sanity, like actually begin to think you are mad.…

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    What is love? ( A sorta love Poem)

    Ask most people these days about love and they tell you about heartbreak. They talk about pain, unrequited feelings and unfaithfulness. They talk about abandonment,lies and empty promises. They tell you about abused trust, abused bodies and shame. They tell you of trying so hard only to be ridiculed and left for broken. Most people are so cynical about love that even if it is offered free of charge and without strings they still wait for the other shoe to drop. And no one can blame you, I mean our experiences with so called ‘love’ have been terrible. We all know of the boy who gave his heart to a…

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    7 fool-proof ways of knowing the love is real

    What is real love? Is there a universal standard to measure love on? How do you know for sure that it is real? How do you know it will last? I have compiled a list of 7 foolproof ways to know when the love is real. The answer to these questions is the answer to the longevity of your love.