Welcome to Kenah Catalogs, a sort of travel blog; where I share poetry, inspiration and devotions on the journey that is life. You never stop becoming and growing as long as you’re alive therefore I decided this would be about being a sojourner, one who journeys, as I become who I am meant to be. This website is for those who are growing, becoming and are open to trusting God and the journey He is taking them on. It for the globetrotters, dreamers, travel and life enthusiasts. It is for those unafraid of taking risks and sharing their lessons, joys and triumphs. So strap on your seat belts or put on your boots and come along for this journey.Feel free to share your stories in the comments both here and on the social media pages and also share the posts on the blog with those you love. Follow us on Facebook , Twitter , Instagram and Pinterest . Click that subscribe button to be updated on the latest posts and get a weekly newsletter to encourage you. Remember that this life is a journey, so enjoy it rather than waiting for the destination. Much love and light to you fellow sojourner. Shalom, Kenah
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