So today I am going to share a list of things I wish I knew when I was a teen; things I have learned since turning 20 and things I have only recently come to believe. I had to write them because I still occasionally need a reminder on one […]

If you have been sad, depressed and stuck in a rut Here are 6 ways to help you kickstart your way back to that positive and light way of living.

Vacation…the word carries so much joy. For most people it conjures images of getting away to their happy place and for others it makes you think of endless food and sleep. For me vacation just means a change from my usual routine. Yeah,it does mostly involve me thinking of a […]

I want to be free of  the 'norms' because I am finding that they are too heavy a burden to carry and their reward is too little for the steep price I pay that is my soul and sanity.

Effort. That word can be hard to swallow. And I am sure you have heard it at least once in  your life from your gym instructor, your teacher, your parent, your friend or your girlfriend/boyfriend. Work hard. Dreams don't work unless you do. Put your back into it. Don't dream it, be it. Don't wish for it, work for it. Prove to me you care/you love me/you want me in your life/ All these statements are familiar to you and they all always mean the same thing; effort... so what is the big deal with this word?

Time. It’s the trickiest part of being human. There’s no time to do what you want, there’s all the time to do what you hate. We act like it’s slipping away but live like we have forever. We act like there is a ticking clock and chase after the wrong […]