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    5 things to do when you don't know what to do

    “I don’t know…” We say that often. Mostly because we really don’t want to give our opinion because it will be a shocker or we are tired of talking or we do not want to be held accountable if our advice makes life worse for someone. But occasionally we really really just don’t know. Everything is confusing, grey and murky. It’s like viewing the world through fog-covered glasses; you sorta know there’s something but you can’t really be sure either way. And if you’re like me then you get anxiety, panic attacks, migraines, irritable and you begin to question your very sanity, like actually begin to think you are mad.…

  • Poetry

    Trust your journey

    Look at you, you’re so young. Yet you’re stressed ,depressed and carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. You’re weary and tired as if you’ve lived 10 lives already. Your heart is so battered and bruised and yet it hasn’t even known true love yet. You’re so lost in maze you put yourself in while trying so hard to build yourself. You’ve been working hard but towards what? You’ve been loving totally but who have you been giving your love? Look at you. Struggling so hard to ‘have your life figured put’ Fighting with every breath to ‘make it’ You’re crying yourself to sleep because you can’t find…

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    26 important things I wish I knew in my teens(and still remind myself every so often)

    So today I am going to share a list of things I wish I knew when I was a teen; things I have learned since turning 20 and things I have only recently come to believe. I had to write them because I still occasionally need a reminder on one or five of them and I really hope it helps someone today. This doesn’t have to be lessons I wished for my teen self only, it can be lessons you learn for yourself today, whatever age you are, it can be something you print out and stick to your wall to remind yourself, it can be a list you share…

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    Contentment:10 tips to cultivate gratitude

    Contement is a hard thing to muster especially in our world today. With all the things we feel we should be doing, being too involved in other people's lives and social media cultivating discontentment, it's hard to find that joy with where you are and what you have. So today I'm tackling the first step toward contentment: gratitude. Here are 10 simple tips to cultivating gratitude.

  • Book Reviews

    8 of the best Christian fiction book series for teenage girls

    So, I’m an avid reader, obsessive even because leaders read and readers lead. No, really it’s because I enjoy escaping reality for a little while. I actually struggle with motivational books but give me a novel or even short fiction and I will be lost to the world! I started avidly reading at around 10 and my dream to be a writer started then too. And throughout my teenage years, books were my one solace. They seemed to get me, they directed me, they gave me hope and made me laugh. I got involved with the characters and their lives and literally owned them. So I decided, why not share…

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    7 simple steps to begin dealing with depression

    Depression can be a noose around your neck when you try to breathe and an anchor on your leg when you're trying to swim. It can easily paralyze you from actually living. So here are the 7 steps I use to deal with my depression that have really helped and grown me and I know they'll help you too.

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    5 Habits that kill your joy

    So many times we are so sure we are joyful and then it all comes crushing down. So what are these things we should safeguard against? Because unlike happiness which is fleeting, joy is everlasting and is a guarantee to us.

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    Time and Chance

    Have you ever felt like some people are just lucky? Like you see their lives and you’re like….if I were even as half as lucky as they are I’d be so far? You know the ones I’m talking about; perfect relationship,got a job before they applied, never add weight or they lose it so fast it leaves your head spinning, they always seems to have great and loyal friends, they are loved by like everyone, they never seem confused and they always find the perfect outfit and have flawless skin. It always seems like things just drop onto their laps or when they work they get immediately rewarded. And it’s…

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    Opportunities: Take the leap or lose the chance.

    I think sometimes that happens in our lives,we miss our shot, you know? We miss our moment. God opens a door and we are too busy banging on a closed one, trying to fit through a window or straight up ignoring it while we 'fix somethings'. We are used to 'God help those who help themselves' and so we spend times helping ourselves in the name of speeding things along and we end up messing ourselves...