So 2020 huh? This has been a year of loss for so many people, myself included. Be it loss of loved ones, loss of income, loss of opportunity, loss of dreams or simply the loss of your will to live and fight. Grief has been heavy in the air and […]

Depression can be a noose around your neck when you try to breathe and an anchor on your leg when you're trying to swim. It can easily paralyze you from actually living. So here are the 7 steps I use to deal with my depression that have really helped and grown me and I know they'll help you too.

So it’s been a month since I last posted and that’s because I was struggling on what to write, how to write and exactly how much to share. I got worked up to the point that my writing flow short circuited and that was that. See a problem? As a […]

There are times the anxiety sneaks up on you slowly and starts suffocating you and then brings his friend depression who finishes you off and by the time you realize that you were under attack you are six feet under,covered by pain,guilt,anger,sadness,despair,hopelessness and lacking the energy to lift yourself up. What do you do then? How do you deal with and prevent anxiety especially in this trying times?

Doubt is a disease that infects the mind and numbs the soul, it's the ability to call into question everything you currently believe or have ever believed.

There in the times when you are drowning, deep in the waters of...But those times do not compare to the times when you feel as if you've been chained to an anchor and dropped in the middle of the ocean that is...