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    Spoiler Alert: It ends well

    Happy New Month!!😊 The year is almost finished a quarter already, time is flying and I feel like I am just crawling along… sigh Anyway,I hope you had a blessed passover/Easter season and spent time in worship, awe, reverence, rejoicing and really marveling at God’s sacrifice for us. So obviously I didn’t post this yesterday because family time but I am right back on the horse. Anyway, I am a book nerd, book worm, lover of books or whatever you want to call people who love fiction more than life. And sometimes as I read a book I struggle with the need to jump to the end of the story,…

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    10 of the best action/thriller Christian book series(PART 1)

    Action… the thrill of the chase, the depth of the mystery, your blood pumping, your head pumping, your heart racing and then “Hey!” someone yells at you and you fight the urge to punch them in surprise, horror or anger. That is the thing about action books, unlike the TV series or movies, you get to imagine the story for yourself; picture the characters described, live in the places and root for the good guys all without getting out of bed and no WiFi. I love me some good thriller/action books, not too gory and with just the right amount of romance without it being too mushy and we are…

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    5 things to do when you don't know what to do

    “I don’t know…” We say that often. Mostly because we really don’t want to give our opinion because it will be a shocker or we are tired of talking or we do not want to be held accountable if our advice makes life worse for someone. But occasionally we really really just don’t know. Everything is confusing, grey and murky. It’s like viewing the world through fog-covered glasses; you sorta know there’s something but you can’t really be sure either way. And if you’re like me then you get anxiety, panic attacks, migraines, irritable and you begin to question your very sanity, like actually begin to think you are mad.…

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    7 fool-proof ways of knowing the love is real

    What is real love? Is there a universal standard to measure love on? How do you know for sure that it is real? How do you know it will last? I have compiled a list of 7 foolproof ways to know when the love is real. The answer to these questions is the answer to the longevity of your love.

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    Trust your journey

    Look at you, you’re so young. Yet you’re stressed ,depressed and carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. You’re weary and tired as if you’ve lived 10 lives already. Your heart is so battered and bruised and yet it hasn’t even known true love yet. You’re so lost in maze you put yourself in while trying so hard to build yourself. You’ve been working hard but towards what? You’ve been loving totally but who have you been giving your love? Look at you. Struggling so hard to ‘have your life figured put’ Fighting with every breath to ‘make it’ You’re crying yourself to sleep because you can’t find…