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    Positivity : The power of your words

    Something I have learned throughout my life is that my tongue has a lot of power. James says the tongue is a spark that can set an entire forest on fire. And yet most times I forget. In the name of self depreciating jokes or being ‘real’, I get lost in spewing negative words. And I know am not the only one; we find ourselves saying things like ‘it’s ok I’m just average’ and ‘I don’t care, I’m a savage.’ And all this is in the name of being ok with who you are and being real. We forget that what we speak will always come to life, I mean…

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    5 Habits that kill your joy

    So many times we are so sure we are joyful and then it all comes crushing down. So what are these things we should safeguard against? Because unlike happiness which is fleeting, joy is everlasting and is a guarantee to us.

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    5 keys to having inner peace (even when your entire world is on fire)

    It’s a crazy world, huh? Threat of an impending nuclear war, terrorism,racism,tribalism, corruption,murder and everything else that is like a terrible episode of your favorite political thriller. We don’t even need TV dramas anymore, it’s all on the news. But it gets worse; inner turmoil, chasing dreams, chasing happiness, chasing people, anxiety, depression, overthinking, keeping up grades, finding yourself, unrequited love, addictions, feeling left out, striving for acceptance, trying too hard to be different and so forth. It takes a toll on anyone especially the recent months’ events. And as a person you can fear for your life, for your place in society or even doubt whether or not it’s…