What is real love? Is there a universal standard to measure love on? How do you know for sure that it is real? How do you know it will last? I have compiled a list of 7 foolproof ways to know when the love is real. The answer to these questions is the answer to the longevity of your love.

  Relationships, the back bone of the human race. Everything in life is built on relationships; families, businesses, economies, countries, alliances, schools, malls and the rest. Some last,others don’t. Some make sense, some don’t. Some are thrust upon you and some you choose.  So what makes one successful? I asked […]

I want to be free of  the 'norms' because I am finding that they are too heavy a burden to carry and their reward is too little for the steep price I pay that is my soul and sanity.

You're a trend!! Does it make the years of colonization, slavery, hatred, neo-colonialism, racism, abuse and denial worth it? Does it make you feel more beautiful now that they make make-up to your exact skin tone?

There in the times when you are drowning, deep in the waters of...But those times do not compare to the times when you feel as if you've been chained to an anchor and dropped in the middle of the ocean that is...

...You are blue, everywhere; Your hands from the cold outside, your soul from the pain inside and your demeanor from the scars you try to hide....

I don't care!...I don't want anyone's approval for...the rant of a somewhat grown woman.

What do buildings, makeup and relationships have in common? And why do seemingly perfect examples of each crumble and fall? A talk with a close friend helps me put two and two together.