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    Positivity : The power of your words

    Something I have learned throughout my life is that my tongue has a lot of power. James says the tongue is a spark that can set an entire forest on fire. And yet most times I forget. In the name of self depreciating jokes or being ‘real’, I get lost in spewing negative words. And I know am not the only one; we find ourselves saying things like ‘it’s ok I’m just average’ and ‘I don’t care, I’m a savage.’ And all this is in the name of being ok with who you are and being real. We forget that what we speak will always come to life, I mean…

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    26 important things I wish I knew in my teens(and still remind myself every so often)

    So today I am going to share a list of things I wish I knew when I was a teen; things I have learned since turning 20 and things I have only recently come to believe. I had to write them because I still occasionally need a reminder on one or five of them and I really hope it helps someone today. This doesn’t have to be lessons I wished for my teen self only, it can be lessons you learn for yourself today, whatever age you are, it can be something you print out and stick to your wall to remind yourself, it can be a list you share…

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    Knowing your self-worth

    So self-worth, worthiness. Why is it that you always seem to run out of it? Why is this generation so disgruntled by themselves? How do you tell your self-worth? What do you do for acceptance? This post is about checking where your worth comes from and cementing the origin of worthiness.

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    It's about time

    Time. It’s the trickiest part of being human. There’s no time to do what you want, there’s all the time to do what you hate. We act like it’s slipping away but live like we have forever. We act like there is a ticking clock and chase after the wrong things, things that cannot satisfy and yet we think we have all the time to do the things that matter; the ‘little things’. You see, we take life as a competition when really it’s really just a side by side road trip. So yeah, we chase things because we want to win and also win in the shortest time possible…

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    Dear friend: In the depths

    There in the times when you are drowning, deep in the waters of...But those times do not compare to the times when you feel as if you've been chained to an anchor and dropped in the middle of the ocean that is...