Modesty: the current faux pas

I decided that I’ll be posting some very real articles here at least once a month and why not start already. I recently came across a really interesting article. Nicki Minaj (a secular rapper) was interviewed about a new album she is writing and she said and I quote “I wrote a song that tells… Read More Modesty: the current faux pas

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Why you need to let go – A lesson in faith and growth

Why would you let go if you cannot reach or cannot even see what you are making space for? Why would you leave your hometown, your family, your safety to go to a land unknown when you have no back up plan even if God is calling you? Why let go??… Read More Why you need to let go – A lesson in faith and growth


Uh…Change of plans?

So have you ever been doing something again and again and it’s not giving you the results you wanted? Like a diet/workout plan? A study plan? A job hunt? A relationship strategy? Or simply a set of alarms to wake you up? Or even a hair care routine? Yeah? Well this post is for you… Read More Uh…Change of plans?

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To My Mother

A poem to my mother for the one day fully dedicated to her.… Read More To My Mother


Blog Re-Launch!!

Hey there! So I have been MIA and I am sorry but it’s coz I have been working hard at recreating my site so that it can accommodate some new content. I am super excited for you guys to see what I have been working on and the things I will add. But before we… Read More Blog Re-Launch!!