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About Me

Hi, I’m Joy Makenah! A data-driven content and copywriter, SEO-enthusiast, content strategist, data analyst, traveller, workout lover, and human.

And I struggled to find the joy and purpose of living life for a while.

You know that feeling of anger, bitterness, deep fatigue, and sadness followed by being at a loss? Yeah, I am deeply familiar with it.

It was not until I discovered the art of intentional living that I realized life doesn’t have to be that way.

With slow and careful steps, I began my journey into intentional living. I found health, wealth, well being, joy, peace, and most importantly a passion for life.

I am by no means perfect, but I am constantly researching, and practicing ways to feel alive. Which is the point isn’t it? Because life should be worth living.

That’s why I created Kenah Catalogs. I want to share my knowledge on well being, productivity, wealth, and joyful living.

The aim is to help others like me find a way to enjoy this life.

So join me on this journey to live intentionally and enjoy life. I know you’ll find amazing resources here.